Tuesday, March 23, 2010


LIERAC Paris is on my short list of "most favorite" skin care product lines. I was recently given a new product, MICRO-ABRASION ($38), which I have been using for a couple of weeks. It has become my go-to exfoliator!

It's hard to wax poetic or find inspiring language to describe exfoliators. They are somewhat like utilities. You can't live without them. Exfoliators keep your skin clear and bright and banish the dead skin cells that gunk up your pores and make you look dry. If you don't use an exfoliator regularly, it's likely your skin isn't as radiant as it could be. You may even look older than you are!

Not all exfoliators are alike. There are chemical and physical exfoliators, and within each category, there are huge variations in formulation and effectiveness. Not only that, some are way more gentle on the skin than others. I have a "rough time" with many physical exfoliators, often called microdermabrasion products. Some contain large particles that tear up my sensitive skin, leaving my face looking like it had a collision with asphalt.

I'm happy to tell you that LIERAC's MICRO-ABRASION is nice and gentle. It has claimed an exclusive spot in my shower. Officially called MICRO-ABRASION Stimulating Smoothing Cream for the Face, this pro treatment contains a high concentration of tiny alumina crystals (25%) to polish the skin and urea (3%) to make the process comfortable. Both ingredients - tiny particles and lots of cream - make this a great exfoliator for all skin types, and particularly sensitive skin.

LIERAC says you will achieve instant smoothness when you use it. Naturally, it polishes off dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. Additionally, by massaging it in for two minutes, you will achieve deeper cleansing to encourage re-oxygenation of your skin and prepare your skin for the skin-care treatment products you use. The result will be better toned, ideally moisturized, and glowing skin. Your pores are likely to look tightened too. Four minutes a week, and you will look better! How hard is that?

The directions say to use it once or twice a week. I have been using it twice, as directed. Naturally, I keep it away from my eyelids. My sensitive skin is happy, and so am I!

You can find MICRO-ABRASION at the LIERAC Paris Web site, CVS Healthy Skincare Stores, and online sites. Check LIERAC's Store Locator for other sources.

Photo courtesy of LIERAC

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