Friday, March 12, 2010

L'Artisan's L'Été en Douce

While I was in New York, shopping at Henri Bendel, I stopped in at the L'Artisan boutique within the store. I had a great chat with Linda about my favorite limited-edition L'Artisan fragrances and the notes I like in my perfumes, including rose and orange blossom. She suggested I try L'Été en Douce ($135). I love it!

Created by Olivia Giacobetti, L'Été en Douce is a light, powdery, floral Eau de Toilette with notes of linden, hay, mint, rose, orange blossom, woods, and white musk.

L'Artisan describes it this way.

L'Été en Douce introduces a new way of talking about fresh fragrances, with no acidulated, fusing, or sparkling notes. Pure and light, it evokes the dew caressing grass in a field and wild rose bushes, the freshness of lime trees, and the warm scent of freshly cut hay. Soothing as orange-flower water, it is as transparent as our summer thoughts. Soft and caressing, it is as easy to wear as a white linen dress and envelopes your summer memories with a gorgeous veil of mist.

It's not summer, but I am loving L'Été en Douce! I don't treat fragrances as seasonal, like we do clothing. If I like them, I like them during all four seasons. I might wear a light fragrance more during the summer, but that doesn't stop me from turning to it when I need to escape from winter.

L'Été en Douce has an interesting history - and an unfortunate "false start." The fragrance was originally released as a limited edition in 2005, under the name of Extrait de Songes. Annick Goutal had just released Songes and made claim to the name. L'Artisan withdrew the scent from the market to avoid the legal confrontation. In 2006, it was re-released as L'Été en Douce. I don't know how I could have missed it for a little over three years! My guess is that my DC-area L'Artisan sources carry a limited selection from the house.

This fragrance is clean and green. When I spray it, I immediately smell the musk and linden. My favorite orange blossom and rose bloom quickly and quietly with the middle notes. Then, the scent lasts about five to six hours on me, much the way it smells just a few minutes after spraying.

Adjectives I would use to describe L'Été en Douce include charming, pretty, breezy, soft, and feminine. It's not particularly complex, powerful, surprising, or mysterious - if that's what you like in a fragrance, L'Artisan has other choices for you. You might like their new Havana Vanille, one I uncharacteristically like. You can read the BTiB post on Havana Vanille here.

If you love green florals, you will love L'Été en Douce. You can find it at Henri Bendel, L'Artisan boutiques, the L'Artisan Web site, LuckyScent, and Barneys. Or Google it for sources near you. I think I need the L'Été en Douce candle ($60). It will transport me into spring.

Photo courtesy of L'Artisan


Unknown said...

you had me at sparkling and orange blossom :) however, rose tends to smell really sour on me no matter what perfume i try, unfortunately. Great review, as usual!

Charlestongirl said...

Give it a whiff next time you can. I can't imagine this one going sour on anyone - it's so soft!

Thanks much for the compliment, Anna. :)