Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gillette Venus Red Carpet Summer

This year's red carpet season showed us fabulous fashion, hair, and makeup looks. From the People's Choice Awards to the Oscars, the red carpet was filled with glamorous women at their sexy best. A few showed some leg; others bared their backs or shoulders. The most admired looks screamed confidence, elegance, and beauty.

Taking a cue from this season's red carpet goddesses, Gillette Venus has partnered with beauty and fashion expert Rebekah George to highlight a few of the trends they loved and want to see again. You have probably seen Rebekah on the Today Show, Good Morning America, or The Early Show. She held fashion and beauty editor titles for magazines like Redbook, Prevention, Lifetime, Natural Health, and Grace, producing and styling stories that cover every trend from the runway to the real way, helping women across the country achieve their most coveted looks.

Here's some advice from Rebekah, who was kind enough to share her thoughts with Best Things in Beauty readers.

Say it with a shoulder!

Almost every celebrity took her turn stepping into a one-shoulder dress this year. This look sizzles! Baring a subtle amount of skin is sexy no matter what your body shape. To make a peek-a-boo look shimmer, try a shimmering body lotion to add a touch of flair.

Create a sophisticated bare look by showing off your legs and arms!

Start by shaving your legs and underarms really well. A five-bladed razor like Venus Embrace gets virtually every hair and will leave your skin feeling touchably smooth and looking beautiful all night long. After shaving your legs, layer on a lightweight lotion like Olay Quench Touch of Sun Plus, which moisturizes and gives you a hint of tint. Don't forget that the skin on your arms and legs is like an accessory to your outfit - like a great clutch or earrings - so go ahead and put makeup on it. I love body shimmer gels and powders like Benefit Bathina, a silky, glimmery balm that you apply with a puff. It helps your skin shine in a really subtle natural way.

If you are going all-out glam with a bright evening gown, keep your makeup simple!

Since your gown is making the statement, keep your makeup simple. Go with a bare skin look by really focusing on good coverage with your concealer and foundation. Pat on a peachy blush and a nude skin-toned gloss, black eyeliner and mascara, and you're set!

The best and worst of the red carpet looks this year?

Sandra Bullock was definitely a hit. I hate to say it, but Sarah Jessica Parker had a definite miss. Luckily, she's earned a pass throughout the years.

The fashion trends we will see for fall/winter 2010!

You will see four major looks: Urban Warrior, Conservative Glamour, Bohemian Babes, and Rocker Chic.

No matter whether you will be walking a red carpet, hanging out at the local swim club, or dressing bare this summer, you'll want to have smooth skin. No stubbly legs for us, right? You will find that the Venus Embrace is just the thing to achieve that smooth skin. Now, Venus Embrace is available in disposables! I'm on-board with that!

This post is a bit of a teaser. Tomorrow, I'll tell you all about the Gillette Venus products that will help you bring out your "inner goddess." We'll start a new Venus Embrace giveaway contest too. So, y'all come back, hear?

Photo courtesy of Gillette Venus

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