Sunday, March 21, 2010

Snubbr Giveaway Contest Winner

Congratulations to Tinagirl! She won the Snubber "select an item" contest. Tinagirl has been notified by e-mail. was used to select a winner, and the program chose #11; Tinagirl was our eleventh entry. I have to tell you that since Tinagirl used a thumbnail of a very handsome cat with her entry. You might think Charlie and I were biased. He sat with me while I ran the numbers. :)

Her choice of makeup wonder?

I have the NARS Orgasm Blush, and it is terrific. However, I could really use the Dermablend Quick-Fix Concealer for my dark under-eye circles!

Done! We will have to find out what shade she wears.

All of the items were popular! NARS Orgasm sure has the reputation! I am surprised there are so many of you who haven't used it yet! There were selections for all five items - NARS Orgasm, Dior's mascara, Benetint, NARS Lipstick, Dermablend - they have all earned their reputations as makeup legends.

Many thanks to Snubbr, the shopping site that provides advice to help you select the right product. Ask a question, such as "What's the best eyeliner to use for a smoky effect?" Get an answer at Snubbr! Snubbr donated this generous contest, so make sure to visit Snubbr when you have online shopping to do - or need a coupon.

I also appreciate everyone who entered! I really loved reading your choices and why you made them. I would love to have been able to give away 47 prizes. The end of each giveaway contest leaves me so conflicted - happy for the winner, sad that I can't give a prize to everyone. We will start another giveaway tomorrow morning, though, so please try again!

Thank you for reading Best Things in Beauty. You keep me going!

Photo courtesy of Snubbr


Tina B. said...

Yay!! I am ecstatic!! I actually have four indoor cats & also feed every cat in the neighborhood. Give Charlie a big kiss & hug from me! Thanks so much!!!

Charlestongirl said...

Charlie liked his smooch - he sends thanks!

You are a kindred soul, Tinagirl. I feed "everyone" too! Glad you are pleased - congrats! Thanks for writing.