Wednesday, March 3, 2010

YSL Gloss Volupté Sheer Sensual Gloss - New Colors for Spring 2010

There are four new colors of YSL's Gloss Volupté Sheer Sensual Gloss Stick ($30) with SPF9. Gloss Volupté was introduced in the fall, and I love it. I wear one of the two shades I bought in the fall at some point almost every day.

I know that some women don't like the mango flavor. Even though I prefer unflavored lip products, I like the sheerness and feel of Gloss Volupté enough that the fleeting flavor doesn't bother me. The hydrating formula makes up for the mango!

These gloss sticks are more like highly pigmented lip balms in a luxurious case. The colors are absolutely gorgeous! Because I prefer a little color to warm up my pale face, I like glosses that have some pigment in them. Many of these shades fit the bill. They feel great and are so pretty.

Here's what YSL has to say about them.

"...Combining...the sensuality of a lipstick with the comfort and shine of a gloss... Colorshine complex and Candellila [sic] resin result in a transparent, non-sticky shine. Thanks to fluid silicones and melting microcrystalline waxes, Gloss Volupté leaves your lips feeling sensual, silky, and full of comfort. Pomegranate extract and a delicate mango fragrance provide a delicious touch of freshness. Available in eight transparent, mouth-watering shades."

I think this lip product matches the hype! Even if they did spell "Candelilla" incorrectly. Wink! Just in case you are wondering, Candelilla is a wax derived from the leaves of a small shrub that grows in Mexico and the southwestern United States, and the resin in the wax is what makes the gloss stick to the lips. It is a natural product, as is pomegranate extract.

From the new spring shades, I chose #8, Glazed Blackcurrent. It's gorgeous. Two different makeup artists from different lines concurred with my choice - they loved it too.

All of the shades are shown below. The new ones for spring are #5, #6, #7, and #8. Numbers 5 and 6, Sugared Almond and Vanilla Pink, are very pretty, but because they are also very sheer, they don't add enough pigment to my lips. I would purchase them anyhow if I had an unlimited budget, but I don't! The Tangy Orange shade isn't my color, but will look great on someone with darker skin.
You can see these beauties at the YSL Web site or at Saks, Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and wherever YSL Beauty products are sold. Don't forget that it's beauty event time at Neiman Marcus and Saks. You can get goodies with purchase.

Photos courtesy of YSL Beauty


Unknown said...

the Lychee and Raspberry shades look so fresh and pretty. YSL, however, is earning a reputation for the most expensive lip products in my book. Even Chanel lip colors are cheaper by 5 dollars if not more.

Charlestongirl said...

Yes, they are pricey, but oh so nice! I actually like them better than most Chanel lip products - EXCEPT Aqualumiere (which is fabulous). I do need to start wearing my new Rouge Coco shades, though! And I love my Dior glosses so much - and then there is Armani!

So, Anna, I guess I'm just a rambling addict. I make room for everything! :)