Friday, March 5, 2010

Use and Protect Your Skin Care Oils!

Oils manufactured for use in skin care, particularly natural and organic oils, will go bad over time - just like oils for cooking do. Whether refined or not, all oils are sensitive to heat, light, and exposure to oxygen. Rancid oil has an unpleasant aroma and acrid taste, and its value is greatly diminished. You wouldn't want to use an old olive oil for cooking. You don't want to use an old oil on your skin either. Not only will it develop an unpleasant aroma, it will lose its original effectiveness.

The other day, I reached for a dry oil spray that I have had for a couple of years. While it once had a fabulous fragrance, it had developed an "off" smell. I tossed it, which was unfortunate, given its price. I have no one to blame but myself - I didn't use it fast enough.

Here are some tips for using oils for skin care (moisturizer, massage oil, etc.).
  1. Don't buy more than you can use in 6-12 months (I'm guilty!).
  2. Store your oils in a cool, dry place where the temperature is relatively stable - not in your bathroom where they will heat up.
  3. If the oil is in a clear glass or plastic container, store it in the box it came in or a cabinet with no light exposure.
  4. If you have a choice, buy oils that come in opaque containers.
  5. Consider storing your oil in the refrigerator if it's pure (no preservatives).
  6. If your oil develops a musty or unusual odor, discard it.
You will protect your investment and ensure that your oil will perform as promised. I'm keeping my new Melvita oils in their boxes because both are in transparent containers.

When you do have to dispose of an oil, remember to put it in a sealed non-recyclable container and discard it with your regular trash. Don't gum up the works and put it in with your recycling.

That's Friday's tutorial! :) Not a sexy subject, but important for skin care!

I'll post our Friday Forum later today. I'll have to run off sometime today to find out how many ribs I broke last night when I fell (my diagnosis). An area rug I had put down for the "snow mess" near my front door moved, and down I went! Like I needed this.

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