Thursday, July 15, 2010

Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield

I have a new product for eliminating summer bad hair days! Avon's Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield ($12, but on special now for $9.99) is a "frizz-be-gone" wonder. I was "sold" on my first use of Lotus Shield, and I continue to use it with great satisfaction. Anything that can keep my hair sleek and smooth on a humid day is a marvel, but here's the clincher. Last Friday night I went out to dinner with a friend who seldom comments on my hair. During dinner, he told me my hair looked fabulous. I had done nothing different...except...I was using Lotus Shield. My hair was smooth and shiny. Since looking good is the point of beauty products, Avon scored!

Just in time for the brutal heat and humidity we have had in the DC area, Avon's PR firm sent me Lotus Shield to try. Inspired by the lotus leaf plant, Lotus Shield is said to add a waterproof, humidity-resistant barrier to the hair, actually repelling moisture and preventing it from penetrating the surface of the hair. The result is beautifully polished, sleek hair, no matter what the weather.

Lotus Shield is said to perform in upwards of 97% humidity. Based on my own "field test," I would say it works until the humidity levels reach 90%. After that, it's basically drizzling out, and nothing will keep my broken hairs from turning every which way (my version of frizz). Keep reading for how Lotus Shield performed.

Advanced Techniques Lotus Shield is Avon's first anti-frizz product. Avon promises it will keep your hair manageable and well-behaved for three days. I'm not sure how that's possible if you wash your hair every day, but I did give it a whirl last weekend to see if my smooth locks could endure for a two-day stretch, and they did!

I am always skeptical about hair styling products. So many of them are made for "normal hair," not my extra-fine hair. Although Lotus Shield is lightweight, the first time I applied a dime-sized amount of the creamy liquid to my palm to work it through my hair, I was sure it would weigh down my hair. Almost everything does. Well, it didn't! Not only that, I realized the anti-frizz benefits on first use, a day when the heat was unbearable, and the humidity was normal for a DC-area summer day (remember that DC used to be considered a swamp!). As the days of testing passed, it got more humid out. My hair remained frizz-free. Only when I ran around in drizzle did the humidity overwhelm Lotus Shield - temporarily. When I brushed my hair, all the hairs that had decided to stick out and look frizzy fell back into place. That was pretty impressive. Under normal conditions, once the frizz sets in, the only way to banish it is to wash and restyle.

“I have tried Lotus Shield on myself,” said Tippi Shorter, Avon Global Stylist Advisor. “I used it before traveling, and my hair stayed straight and smooth through four flights and three countries – all in two days. I really like it a lot, not to mention it smells good."

Yes, it does have a fragrance, but it's light and dissipates within a half hour of application. I appreciate that. I don't like my hair products to carry a scent.

Here are Avon's directions for its use. Shake well before use. Apply a pea size amount of Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield to clean, towel-dried hair from root to tip. For longer hair, increase product amount gradually until you experience the desired results. Style as usual with your favorite Advance Techniques styling products. Suitable for all hair types.

I found that a dime-size was perfect for my hair. I wouldn't have been able to work the product through most of my hair with only a pea-sized amount. I have tried Lotus Shield with and without an additional styling product. Alone, it does give my style a little extra holding power. When I want serious volume, I add my favorite mousse to the mix.

Will I buy Lotus Shield when I run out? Absolutely yes! It has earned a place next to my blow dryer.

Avon is also launching Frizz Control Lotus Shield Shampoo and Conditioner, so if banishing frizz is on your agenda, you will have a full suite of products to use! Lotus Shield is available exclusively through Avon Representatives or on Avon's Web site. You can locate an Avon representative by calling 1-800-FOR-AVON or visit the Web site.

Photo courtesy of Avon


hair styling products said...

I am search of such a good product, which can be useful to me for good looking hair. I would like to use this, hope it will give healthy results to my hair. Thanks for this post.

Linda said...

I am an Independent Avon Rep. and have been using the Lotus Shiled for a month now. Unbelievable! For 30+yrs. I have never found a product like this. And it has a 100% money back guarantee. I use it every time I wash my hair. Love Lotus Shield. Currently have 3 hair stylit in my area using it on their customers.

Charlestongirl said...

Linda, thank you for the comment. It's nice to know that others love it too!

Avon Beauty with Mary said...

This product is awesome! I love it! Say goodbye to frizz! Get it today at Earn free products here!

Soos said...

Thanks for your detailed description of use and results. From what you've said, it's worth trying and an affordable product. A bit irritating, though, to see all the Avon Ladies jump in here. I have my own. Aloha.

Charlestongirl said...

You gotta give those Avon ladies credit - they work hard to make us happy!

Rosie Zglinski said...

If you live in Paradise (Hawaii) contact me for a free sample of Lotus Shield. I'm a curly girl and years of coloring my hair have left it dry and frizzy. Lotus Shield makes my hair managable and soft!
Contact me at

Lee Martin said...

You can view a Great Video of Avon Lotus Shield at:

Joseph Kvarnstrom said...

Avon's new product Frizz control very good taking frizz last for 3 days good product.

Anonymous said...

I'm a middle-aged gal with super-curly, prone to frizz hair. I have bought and tried so, so many shampoos (and conditioners) in the hope of finding something to make my wild hair manageable without having to pile on a gazillion post-shower products.

Shielo is excellent. Specifically, I buy the Hydrate Shampoo and the Hydrate Conditioner.

I find that it's easier to blow-dry and have the hair feel softer, sleeker, and less prone (though never NOT prone) to frizzing in humidity. (Granted, when you have mind-of-its-own hair, addig stuff like Paul Mitchell styling lotion and Biosilk just adds to the effectiveness of the Pantene products, I find. It all adds up to help manage the hard-to-manage.)

Anonymous said...

Does any one know the fragrance scents in Lotus Shield? If it were a perfume, I could find the base notes, middle notes and top notes, but since it's not a perfume, I can't. Have you noticed any other fragrance with similar scents? Thank you!