Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mélange Perfumes Roll-on Oils

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, it did. Only weeks ago, I ordered a few Mélange Solid Perfumes from b~glowing. At the same time, I ordered two roll-on oils by Mélange: Blend No. 5: Tahitian Gardenia & White Tea ($18), and Blend No. 12: Frangipani & Gardenia ($18).

Because I was having such a perfume fest with the solids, I set the roll-on oils aside for later. Monday, I had the day off and allowed myself the pleasure of sampling. I think I've mentioned that when I get a lot of new goodies in one fell swoop I like to space out the treats. Am I impressed! Both of my new roll-on fragrances are divine.

Blend No. 12, Frangipani & Gardenia, a seductive frangipani that's also known as plumeria, is blended with the equally beautiful Tahitian gardenia. Imagine the possibiliites of a flower so compelling it lures the Sphinx Moth, together with a gardenia adored for centuries (and one of my mother's favorites - her wedding bouquet was made with gardenias). I imagined, I purchased, and now my nose is like that moth, lingering by my wrist where I leave it a dose of this seductive perfume oil when I apply it.

Blend No. 5, Tahitian Gardenia & White Tea, is just as fabulous. Also known as tiare, fragrant Tahitian gardenia is native to Polynesia. Once reserved for island nobility, these blossoms are celebrated in wedding leis and prized by gardenia lovers. This floral oil is blended with a top note of fresh white tea, toning down the sweetness and giving it a character unlike any other fragrance I have.

There are other oils available. How does Cucumber, Water Lily, White Musk & Grass sound? Or Japanese Tea Rose & Sakura Blossom? What's especially nice about all these lovely perfumes is their price! At only $18, you can try a few without ending up in credit card trouble.

Mélange Roll-On Perfume Oils are inspired by the most coveted fragrance notes in custom blending. Alcohol-free, the oils are formulated in a natural base of coconut oil fractions, which leave the integrity of the fragrance notes intact, and Hawaiian kukui nut oil, a natural antioxidant that adds a rich dimension to the perfume. I am smitten by my Mélange purchases. The solid perfumes and roll-on oils I purchased have suddenly become my everyday scents. I know I'll have to tear myself away from them at some point, but for now, I am celebrating summer with the lush fragrances of tropical islands.

You can read more about Mélange, along with a blending guide, at the Mélange Web site. You can order from b~glowing and Mélange. I'm a b-glowing gal; I love their frequent specials, selection, service, and samples. There may even be a store near you that carries Mélange perfumes. Check out this link.

Photo courtesy of b~glowing


Unknown said...

I have the Melange roll on oil in #1 and I love it, very clean and fresh,I also got the Japanese Tea Rose and Sakura Blossom oil also a keeper. I am going to try one of the tea fragrances next...I like lighter fragrances. The melati Jasmine was very fragrant but too much on me but really nice in the bottle. I tried them because of your previous post Thanks.

Charlestongirl said...

Wow...thanks, Regina! I like the Melati Jasmine, but it's not my favorite of the lot.

What does the Japanese Tea Rose & Sakura Blossom smell like to you? I would love to know. Have been thinking about ordering it.

Cravette said...

My very favorite is the Pomegranate & Grapefruit,it is a perfect take-along, perk-up scent for the afternoon. The complete Melange line is available at

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Cravette! I need to check that out. I love pomegranate and grapefruit, so I'm bound to like the fragrance. These Mélange scents are so pure.

New London said...

LOVE Frangipani fragrances, will have to check this out.