Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tarte TEN Natural Cheek Stain

I'm a big fan of Tarte's Natural Cheek Stains. When I read that Sephora would offer the limited-edition TEN ($30), inspired by eco-friendly celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow (who also created the fabulous Flower Child), I was ready to order - and did the day it became available.

TEN celebrates Tarte's 10-year anniversary with the company's iconic product - the one that started it all a decade ago: TEN Limited Edition Natural Cheek Stain.

This best seller is all new in a limited-edition sleek, gold-studded tube in Tarte's signature dark purple (it's just a little gaudy). The stain itself is a shimmering bright pink shade that should invigorate all complexions. Powered by Tarte's signature T5 Super Fruit Complex, this nutrient-rich Natural Cheek Stain fights free radical damage while treating skin with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

I took a photo of TEN, contrasted by True Love, another pink-toned Tarte Natural Cheek Stain, to show you the color and to give you another shade for comparison. As you can see on my arm photo, TEN (at top), is a true baby pink. True Love, also pink, is described by Tarte as sheer watermelon. That fits!

Tarte is a company you can love. The Tarte T5 Super Fruit Complex is a proprietary blend of the five most active superfruits: goji, açaí, maracuja, acerola, and pomegranate. The first blend of its kind, the T5 Super Fruit Complex is loaded with naturally occurring, antioxidant-rich nutrients and vitamins that have been known to deliver refining, anti-aging, and skin-restorative benefits with each application. It contains a natural fragrance and is free from preservatives, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and mineral oil.

In keeping with Tarte's eco-friendly efforts, they've partnered with Sambazon, creators of the Sustainable Açaí Project—an initiative to promote positive change in the Amazon Rain forest through forest conservation, improved living conditions, and educational opportunities through the sustainable management of the Açaí Palm tree. Açaí is an antioxidant-rich super fruit that helps fight free radicals, promotes cell regeneration, has known anti-inflammatory and skin softening properties, and combats premature signs of aging. They are taking care of the world, while they take care of our skin and make us look good.

You can purchase TEN at Sephora, which carries a large selection of other Natural Cheek Stains too. You can also find Natural Cheek Stains at Tarte's own Web site.

Photo courtesy of Sephora

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