Monday, July 26, 2010

KissKiss Essence de Gloss from Guerlain's Champs-Élysées Collection for Fall 2010

The eye palettes from Guerlain's Champs-Élysées Collection for Fall 2010 have stolen the spotlight from some very worthy lip colors. Guerlain introduced a new lip product with its fall collection.

KissKiss Gloss Essence de Gloss ($31) "brilliantly combines the art of lip care with the magic of colors." The extreme-shine formula, combined with anti-aging active ingredients, helps lips look and stay beautiful by smoothing wrinkles and fine lines. Instantly and day after day, Guerlain promises your lips will be beautified, smoothed, plumped, and rejuvenated. That all sounds very nice. I'm easy, though. I love the way they look and feel!

On some sites, e.g., Neiman Marcus, you are going to see Essence de Gloss referenced as KissKiss Gloss Serum. I can't explain the discrepancy. The boxes they came in have Essence de Gloss printed on them.

I purchased two KissKiss Essence de Gloss shades. I might have bought more of the colors if I hadn't spent so much money the day I bought the eye palettes. I have a suspicion I'll be going back for more. You can see the little swatch shades from the Neiman Marcus site at the bottom of this post.

"My" two shades, shown on my arm photo at right, are #421, Grenat, shown at top and #461, Baie Rose, below. Grenat is not as coral as it appears here - or as it looks on other blogs or in the photo at the bottom. To my eye, it's a complex warm mauve rose with a touch of brown and coral. I think one's own skin/lip color will determine how Grenat translates. Baie Rose is clearly pink.

The glosses have a lot of pigment, so you can wear them without lipstick underneath if you wish. They have a doe-foot applicator, which I like. They feel great on the lips - moist and not at all tacky. The elegant gold container is too pretty to hide. A little touch-up in public might be OK with a lip product this pretty!

I'm very happy with both shades. Check out the photo below from the Neiman Marcus Web site to see if there's one that catches your fancy. You can purchase KissKiss Essence de Gloss and all of the items from Guerlain's Fall 2010 Collection at Saks, Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus.

With the exception of my arm photo, photos courtesy of Neiman Marcus


Clarisse said...

Hi Charlestongirl! Thank you for the review...Those glosses look lovely do the Estee Lauder ones you wrote about last week (and the Chanel ones probably too). It will be terribly difficult to choose between them all (I love EL's quality though)
I hope last Sunday you didn't suffer too much from the storms and tornado I read about? Between Savannah and the storms, it must have been a hectic week-end...I hope all is fine now:-)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Clarisse!

There are so many nice choices this season! Hard to choose.

Sunday, the storm destroyed a lot of trees, homes, cars, and took a few lives, sadly. In my immediate area, it was fierce, but there was no significant damage. Just power out nearby. Others weren't so lucky. One of my friends still has no power. All the food in the refrigerator and freezer has to be thrown out. Many people lost cars and parts of their homes to falling trees. One child walking and a woman driving were killed by falling trees. The storm came without warning, leaving many totally unprepared. Officials say it was the worst damage since our last hurricane. Hundreds of thousands are still without power!

Savannah is much better now, thanks. She had a rough afternoon Sunday. Once the nerve cells stopped "firing," she slept it off. Like most seizures, it's all over now. Since I started medicating her for the epilepsy, she has had many fewer seizures - glad for that. I feel so bad for her when it happens.

Unknown said...

I am sorry to hear about the tornado, glad things are fine with you. On the brighter side, I am loving the Rose shade and the packaging is outstanding. I am finding it difficult to understand why Guerlain is charging so much more than Chanel for a similar gloss (and i still think Chanel is overpriced). Are Guerlain glosses much larger or so much better than Glossimers?

Charlestongirl said...

Anna, I don't really think so. They are equivalent in quality and size. I think some of the price relates to our currency issues, but some of it is simply the cost of a "luxury" product.

They have never declared that anyone in our area had a tornado, but it was one amazing storm! Might as well have been a tornado or hurricane for the damage it did.