Thursday, July 22, 2010

Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss Sticks from the Blue Dahlia Collection for Fall 2010

My favorite Estee Lauder lipsticks are Pure Color Gloss Sticks ($18.50), and there are five new limited-edition and luscious shades. Most eyes go right to the flashy new eye palettes in the Blue Dahlia Collection display. Mine went straight to the new Pure Color Gloss Sticks.

These are the new shades.

Night Bloom
Mauve Mirage
Orchid Dream
Midnight Bloom
Rose Dusk

As you can see on my arm photo, I came home with three. From top to bottom are Night Bloom, Midnight Bloom, and Mauve Mirage. Names - even the "in-the-tube" look of Pure Color Gloss Sticks - can be deceiving. While names usually convey a collection's theme, they aren't always good descriptors of the shades - in any line. That's why trying before you buy is always fun when you have an easy-to-find counter like Estee Lauder's and a knowledgeable and helpful professional, like the darling Aisha Henley. Aisha helped me pick out all of my new Estee Lauder makeup at Nordstrom Tysons Corner. I had a blast shopping with her - and yep, more to come in another post on my new Pure Color Glosses, the latest Tom Pecheux sensations.

I think the new Pure Color Gloss Stick shades are drop-dead gorgeous. Night Bloom is a bright pink that's not Barbie pink. It has a hint of peach in it to warm the pink. Midnight Bloom is a mauve-brown with an opal shimmer that's extremely flattering over the natural rose in my lips. Mauve Mirage is more pink than mauve, but what's in a name? Had I not spent so much on Nordstrom's Beauty Exclusives in the last month, I could easily have purchased the other two. All of the new shades are desirable.

I love Estee Lauder's Pure Color Gloss Sticks for many reasons. They are sheer, although there's plenty of pigment to make them look like glossy lipsticks, not lip glosses. They add sheen to my lips, which makes them appear fuller than they are. They feel nice and creamy, and they stay on long enough to make me happy. Most lipsticks advertised as long-wearing feel dry to me - if not immediately, then after the first half-hour of wear.

Fortunately, you can purchase Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss Sticks wherever you have an Estee Lauder Counter - or online. Since the new shades are limited editions, you might want to shop soon. The favorites are sure to sell out. If you would like some help by phone, give Aisha a call. She's the Manager of the Estee Lauder counter at the Nordstrom closest to me. Her phone is (703) 761-1121, extension 1070. If you want to order online, through July 23, you can get a sample of the new Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex by using the code FOREYES at checkout. Some of the Estee Lauder counters have these samples too.

If you are interesting in reading my May preview of the Blue Dahlia Collection, just click on this link.

Top photos courtesy of Estee Lauder and The Moodie Report


Shannon (Lipstick Musings) said...

Thanks for such a great review. I bought the Surreal Violet palette yesterday, but they didn't have the lip products in yet. The SA was raving about the colors, and it looks like she was right! They're going to call me as soon as they arrive. Mauve Mirage sounds gorgeous, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the new Pure Color glosses.

Oh yes, I'll be back, beating down their door, lol...

Lipstick Musings

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Shannon!

I bought a few of the glosses. They really are pretty. I need to swatch them in the next few days.

Hope you enjoy Surreal Violet! Those two palettes are so pretty.