Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives: YSL Golden Gloss Shimmering Lip Gloss

I think this year's Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives, offered for the Anniversary Sale, are the best ever! This week, I'll be featuring some of the fabulous makeup offers. It's not too late to pre-order, and your items will be sent directly to you. How's that for convenient sale shopping? I received a big box with some of the items I pre-ordered on Friday. It was like "Christmas in July."

There are three Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss Shimmering Lip Gloss ($30) shades - all exclusive to Nordstrom. Each will dress your lips in a smile of shimmering gold. These YSL glosses form a mirror-like effect, sparkling with mother-of-pearl (and gold). They are formulated with a complex of nourishing oils (nigelle and cameline) to protect your lips with a comforting, shimmering shine.

My arm photo shows the shades. They don't have names - just numbers, #31, #32, and #33 (top to bottom). Numbers 31 and 32 look very similar on my arm. You'll have to trust that #31 is darker than #32, even though they are in the same color family. I had to paint on several layers of #32 to make it clearly visible in the photo. The applicator is a brush.

I'm a lip gloss addict, and YSL glosses are among my favorites. I own - and wear - almost all of the shades. They are stunning on the lips, with or without lipstick, and they feel good too. Naturally, I ordered all three of the Nordstrom exclusives.

There is a Yves Saint Laurent Ombrés 5 Lumieres Palette available too. I have not received it yet, but when I do, I'll swatch it for you. In the meantime, here's the photo to whet your appetite.

Want to shop all the Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives? You can see them at your local Nordstrom, or you can shop online. Just go to this link.

Photos courtesy of Nordstrom


Citrine said...

Hi there:
About that content stealing website, I think you can change your setting on blogger (it only takes a second or two) so that they can't take anything more than a short paragraph from you (at least it's better than having every single articles taken).

For the existing posts, you can relocate the pictures in case that website is stealing your bandwidth as well.

Clarisse said...

They are gorgeous aren't they, and YSL lipsticks and glosses are high quality too, which is great:-)

Charlestongirl said...

I love the glosses! Yes, YSL makes sheer quality gloss, Clarisse. "Gorgeous" is the perfect word for YSL's perfect lip gloss.

Citrine, if you only knew how much trouble I have gone to to get my photos to feed with a short paragraph. There must be a way, but even Web experts have told me that I have to send the whole feed to get my first photo to go with it. I am still investigating. There must be a way!

I really appreciate your tips! I did write that Web site, but so far, no response.

Citrine said...

I left a comment on the site (more than a week ago) as well and I haven't gotten any feedback so I just did the nasty: removing all the pictures then reload them to a different album.

I personally can never stand people using my content to generate profit for themselve or to pull themselves up in Google ranking(God forbid they even stole my album bandwidth) so I feel slightly better at least my pictures are not there anymore...

Charlestongirl said...

You have prompted me to change my feed. We will see what happens!

Did you report them to Google?