Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sneak Peek at Giorgio Armani Beauty's Night Viper Collection for Fall 2010

Giorgio Armani will be rolling out several phases of new color for fall. I got the scoop on all of it yesterday. One phase has made an appearance at the Armani Beauty Web site, but is not available at Saks in Chevy Chase - not yet, at least. Night Viper is all about "nocturnal chic." The small collection includes a Maestro Eye Shadow Quad, an Eyes to Kill Palette, a new shade of Eyes to Kill Mascara, a Blending Blush Duo, and three new shades of Rouge d'Armani Lipstick.

The Maestro Eye Shadow Quad ($59) has shades of inky blue, the Armani star shade, along with dark brown, icy brown, and silver - inspired by the deep tones of night. This looks pretty, wearable, and like something I would purchase. So I did!

The #7 Eyes to Kill Palette ($59) is all about plum, with pure mauve (satin finish), ink black (satin finish), and aubergine purple (metallic finish). Seen below left, it appears to be rather daring - certainly not quite as wearable.

Of the two shadow palettes, I'm sure I will prefer the Maestro Quad. I don't look very good with red-toned plum on my eyelids. It gives me either a recently crying look - or one of extreme fatigue. Neither is flattering.

On the other hand, the Blending Blush Duo in Shimmering Pale and Dark Raspberry ($85) looks like it was made for me! I love these shades, shown at right. Blending Blush Duo was created with Armani's Micro-fil cream texture that allows the blush to morph into fluid color on contact with the skin. The result is soft, flushed color and subtle highlighting that sculpts the face very nicely. It's easy to apply and blend. This one is a must-have for me, even though it is $25 more than the other Blending Blush duos! That was shocking. My order, with two items, tallied to $144!

The new Rouge d'Armani Lipstick ($30) fall colors are:
  • 602 - soft pink,
  • 603 - black purple,
  • 604 - deep ruby.
All are dark and dramatic. Even #602 is a very pigmented pink. I need to see these before I spend.

Rounding out the collection is an Eyes to Kill Mascara ($30) in Blue Grey Night, a very attractive greyed navy.

I had wanted to see the shades at Saks before I purchased. Since they didn't have them and don't expect to before next month, I ordered the quad and blush from Armani's Web site today. Other than the price shock, I'm excited.

Through today, Armani is offering free shipping if you order any item from Night Viper. If you can't wait - like me - head over now.

Update 8/5: The price of the Blending Blush Duo is $49, not $85. The Web site was incorrect. See my 8/5 post for more details and swatches.

Photos courtesy of UrCosme


Anonymous said...

Hi Charlestongirl,
I bought Rouge d'Armani lipstick shade 602
602 is a terrific colour
I just love it
But I read somewhere (can't remember in which magazine) that this colour is a limited edition
Could you please confirm that with your friend Loyd Cassler
If it is the case, I will have to stock up before these shade disappers from the range
Thank you so much for your precious help

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anon!

Here is your answer, straight from Armani Beauty in New York...

"Shade 602 is actually a new addition to our collection, and as of now, should remain in the line."

Anonymous said...

You are simply the best ;-)
Thank you for this quick answer
I won't buy half a dozen of 602 in advance
I am completely addicted to you

Charlestongirl said...

Tomorrow morning: new Armani swatches going up!