Thursday, July 15, 2010

Laura Geller Anniversary Specials at QVC

Last weekend, Laura Geller celebrated an eight-year anniversary on QVC. I tuned in online and purchased two items: the Baked Green with Envy 4-piece Color Collection ($38.25) and the Tropic Hues Baked Blush-N-Brighten ($24.96). I enjoyed watching Laura's demonstrations, which you can still see by selecting the videos associated with Laura's products at QVC.

Green with Envy is a stunning four-piece set with eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick, and a baked blush. Intended for all skin tones, the kit offers paint-by-numbers ease - no guessing required to create a professional look, with a dramatic smokey green eye, neutral lip, and complementary cheek. The set includes a pamphlet to show you how easy it is to pull off the look.

The set includes:
  • baked marble eye shadow duo in Spun Sugar/Mint Licorice, a silvery green/greenish charcoal shade;
  • powder eyeliner pencil in Gilded Green, an olive green shade;
  • Blush-N-Brighten in Sunswept, a bronzy-pink shade; and
  • lipstick in Nice-N-Nude, a nude shade.
My arm photo shows the shades. The Gilded Green liner pencil is at the top. Directly underneath on my arm are the two eye shadow shades alone and mixed. The mixed look is directly above the Sunswept Blush-N-Brighten, a gorgeous shade for summer.

The arm photo to the right shows Sunswept with the Nice-N-Nude lipstick below. Both shades are peach-toned on my skin. The lip color is right for times when you want to place the emphasis on your eyes.

The lush and luminous green baked marble eye shadows are gorgeous. Spun Sugar is a silvery green that makes your eyes look big and bright. You can wear it alone. Mint Licorice is a greenish charcoal that would look good on everyone as a contouring shade. You can see the green in Mint Licorice, but the overall effect is gray, as you can see on my arm.

The photo of Laura's Tropic Hues Baked Blush-N-Brighten on QVC is misleading, although you get a better sense of the shade by watching the video. Contrast the very rosy look of QVC's photo of Blush-N-Brighten to the left with my own photo of the compact at bottom right. Mine is the true color. I don't think I would have ordered Tropic Hues if I had known it was such an apricot shade. It's very pretty, but I had been excited by the marbelized rose-pink look of the QVC photo. On my face, Tropic Hues isn't markedly different from Sunswept.

When you order makeup online, it's often a guessing game, and I'm OK with that. I got the anniversary sale prices, so I saved a few dollars over the regular price of the items at QVC, and one of my friends is going to love me if I decide to give away the Tropic Hues Blush-N-Brighten. I adore the Green with Envy set, so I'm happy!

There are some fabulous Laura Geller's items at QVC. There's also a Community Q&A that you might enjoy browsing.

Photos from QVC and Best Things in Beauty

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