Wednesday, July 28, 2010

KissKiss Gloss from Guerlain Champs-Élysées Collection for Fall 2010

This blog is starting to resemble a makeup soap opera: The Continuing Adventures of Charlestongirl at the Guerlain Counter. You have watched and read the serial portrayal of a love affair with Guerlain's Champs-Élysées Collection for Fall 2010. Today, in what may be our conclusion (don't season endings always leave you hanging?), we won't have the high drama of the eye palettes, but we will spotlight a supporting character - one whose innate beauty could steal the show: KissKiss Gloss ($30).

KissKiss Gloss offers radiant, sheer color with high shine. It's a fabulous gloss. I loved it before the fall collection was introduced, and I continue to love it. Its non-sticky formula keeps my lips moisturized. Guerlain says it contains water-resistant and magnifying esters to ensure long-lasting effects with a boost of volume. It has a flat, smooth brush that's easy to use and provides accurate application (except on my arm).

I bought #823,
Poppy Star, and #848, Brown Sugar, shown here at left. Poppy Star is the sparkling red at the top, and Brown Sugar, described romantically by Guerlain as a "delicate and poetic beige," is a lively nude. The third shade of the three new ones is Péché Charnelle (#847), a soft gold with a racy name that translates as Carnal Sin.

Why did I select these two shades? Poppy Star is unlike any other
gloss I own. If I'm going to wear red, which is a very difficult color for me to pull off with my fair coloring, it's got to be sheer. A gloss is perfect. Brown Sugar is a sparkling topper that will allow me to tone down lipstick shades that might be a bit dark for me or warm up very cool shades. Both of these glosses are brilliant on the lips. They are extremely shiny, a feature I love. They will extend my gloss wardrobe into new territory.

You can purchase KissKiss Gloss and all of the items from Guerlain's Fall 2010 Collection at Saks, Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus. There are many shades of KissKiss Gloss from which to choose if you aren't as taken with the new shades as I am!

Will there be a new episode of this love affair? Maybe. If you want to see the Caresse de L'Aube blush that was introduced with the collection, head over to The Non-Blonde. I purchased it, but I think it's going back (unused, of course). It's too warm/peach for my skin. After all, I have Stereo Rose.

Top photo courtesy of Sephora

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