Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dior Sérum de Rouge Lip Treatment from Fall 2010 Collection

Sérum de Rouge ($32) by Dior has earned a place among my favorite lipsticks. With 10 times more active skincare ingredients than other lipsticks, including Dior's own, Sérum de Rouge features an amazingly creamy texture to moisturize, smooth, and pamper your lips day in and day out. Enriched with mango butter and other natural extracts, this nourishing treatment is said to boost your lips' microcirculation and collagen levels and enhance their appearance with gorgeous, luminous color.

I had already fallen in love with
Sérum de Rouge when I happened upon the Fall 2010 Collection display at Nordstrom. Six shades were shown, and I wasn't sure which shades were new. As an aside, I have learned I can't trust that the colors on a new display are actually new colors. It seems that sales associates just stick other colors on a display when they sell out of the new ones (one of my pet peeves). So, I can't be totally sure that the four colors I purchased (yes, four!) are all new. There were six shades on the display, and all of them were gorgeous. There were no Dior specialists to be found. So, I did my thing and tried them all on my arm. It took every ounce of my self-restraint and willpower (what little I have) to resist the two I didn't purchase.

Here are the shades that came home with me, listed in the order of my arm photo, top to bottom.
  • #560 Radiant Pink Serum
  • #470 Pearly Pink Serum
  • #880 Plum Serum
  • #870 Ruby Serum
I think - but am not 100% sure - that the shades featured in the Dior collection for fall include Radiant Pink, Pearly Pink, Ruby, Pink, and Plum. That would mean that Pink Serum is the only new one that I didn't purchase? I don't know what the sixth one on the display may have been - can't remember.

I love Sérum de Rouge because it feels great on my lips (extremely moisturizing) and looks sheer and colorful. That may seem contradictory, but some have more color than others. The SPF formula is an extra-added bonus. Dior says that after one month of daily use, Sérum de Rouge increases the hydration of our lips by 40%, adds 24% more smoothness, and helps regain curves and firmness. I don't know about those statistics. They are nice, but not important to me. I simply love the colors, look, and feel!

Want a lighter-than-air, luscious lip color? Check out the Dior Fall 201o display at your local department store. There's a lot more to see - lavenders galore! I was captivated by the Sérum de Rouge shades.

Photo at top courtesy of Nordstrom


Jo said...

Hey, can you give me an idea on how bright the Ruby shade is on lips? I have a horror of wearing l/s shades that are too bright for me, yet I need a darker shade for fall. The Ruby looks so pretty in the swatch; just need to know if one looks "all lips" in this color.
Thanks in advance!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Jo,

I can wear Ruby, and I can't wear traditional red lipsticks. I feel like I'm leading with my lips in most red shades. The sheerness of this one makes it wearable for me.