Sunday, August 29, 2010

Leslie Tyler Cosmetics Liplicious Gloss

There's something appealing about row after row of lip gloss - an endless supply of a beauty product we all love - and wear. Just yesterday, I was at Neiman Marcus watching a lovely young gal get her makeup done. Her lips were so beautiful! When I asked, I was told that she was wearing only gloss. The miracles of lip gloss!

Leslie Tyler has introduced Liplicious Gloss. You may not have heard about it yet, but you will, starting here.

Leslie Tyler is well-known in Houston. If you live in the Houston area, you'll find Leslie behind the desk at Leslie Tyler Style LLC by day, out on the town at night, and spending every free moment with her family. Leslie is regularly featured on television and at personal appearances where she shares her tips, advice, secrets, and life experiences. Leslie is also a contributing writer to and editor of several publications. As the founder of the recently launched Leslie Tyler Cosmetics, she is able to express her self-proclaimed “girly-girl” side. She is proud to claim many A-List celebrities as fans of her cosmetic products. These days, you'll find Leslie traveling the world, attending Fashion Week and beauty shows, hosting charity events, and meeting with leading fashion designers.

Soon, you’ll be able to watch Leslie as the star of her own show Leslie & The Journey to True Love, as well as an upcoming reality show that will be hitting TV channels everywhere. Something tells me it won't hit my dysfunctional converter box - yes, I live in the dark ages, but who has time for television on most days? And I haven't been in Houston for a zillion years - ever since I was a NASA consultant.

What I do know about Houston is that it's a fashion mecca in the south, where fabulous stores, spas, restaurants (the best shrimp I ever ate was in the boonies of Alvin, Texas, near Houston), and parties combine to give the city a more cosmopolitan feel than one might expect. Just check out RSVPSocial (yes, Leslie finds time to contribute) if you want to get a flavor for the sophisticated Houston.

Admit it, makeup addicts. Wouldn't it be fun to start your own cosmetics line? Can you imagine having more fun, designing some of the very things that make women feel special and look good? What's stopping us? Oh, nothing except money, the wherewithal to get going. You can hire experts to do almost everything these days, but you do need some kind of talent! So, what makes "socialite" Leslie a beauty talent? Among other things, Leslie worked training Chanel makeup artists, is a fashion and beauty editor, and spends a great amount of time following (and now participating in) the beauty industry.

Liplicious Gloss is Leslie's entrance into the cosmetics world, but she didn't scrimp on her collection. You can find Liplicious Gloss in 42 shades! You and I might not have known about the gloss, but Taylor Swift, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, LeeAnn Rhymes, Kris Jenner, and Julianna Hough do!

The 42 shades are all high-shine beauties, offering finishes from "just plain glossy" to sparkling and dazzling. There are so many choices, it's hard to select just one, especially with their reasonable price of $12.

I experimented inside and outside to find the best light to show you four of Leslie's glosses. My selection was an outdoor photo, taken in early morning with a cleome in the background. Cleomes remind me of lip gloss, with their shades of white, pink and lavender. On my arm, you can see, top to bottom, Pouty Pink, Mint Baby Doll (with a hint of mint for you flavor lovers), Pink Seashell, and Spellbound. All four of the shades Leslie sent are gorgeous. My favorites are the two darkest ones because I can have lip color without wearing a lipstick underneath them. Now I want more, and I know where to find them: Leslie's Web site! I consider Liplicious Gloss a find.

Liplicious Gloss is a conditioning gloss that feels great on the lips. There is no tackiness, and the gloss wears a very reasonable amount of time. I would guess Leslie knows that there's nothing more annoying than arriving at a party with beautifully glossy lips, only to take your first sip from a glass and lose your gloss.

In my next post on Leslie, I'll share with you some of her own beauty tips. For now, head over to Leslie Tyler Style to see if there's a Liplicious shade in your future. Or check out her Facebook page if you want to follow her activities. She's one busy beauty.

Photo at top and photo of Leslie courtesy of Leslie Tyler


Charlestongirl said...

I need to find out why the Web site isn't showing all the shades as available. One the weekend is over, I will and let you know in the comments.

Mamavalveeta03 said...

"Gentle Rose" and "Twinkle" are my faves. But then again, at only $12, I could go hog-wild!!!

Charlestongirl said...

I want Gentle Rose too, Mama Val! I think I am going to to go "hog-wild." These glosses are soooo nice.

lisa cocuzza said...

Thanks for spreading the news!

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Lisa! I can't wait to talk to Leslie later this week.