Monday, August 30, 2010

New Cheek and Lip Shades from Edward Bess

There's a refined, Southern aesthetic in Edward Bess's makeup. He was born in Charleston, South Carolina - a magical place - that has served as inspiration for artists for centuries. The artifacts of Charleston's past survive in its landscape, furniture, silver, art, homes, churches, cuisine, baskets, gardens tucked behind historic homes South of Broad, society, and superstitions.

Every day, Charleston comes to mind in my home, where I can enjoy and preserve a table from the Ravenal estate and a punch ladle that was made in New York for a Charleston couple's wedding in the 18th century, mementos that carry their history into my home. I associate Edward Bess's cosmetics with Charleston. I treat the makeup with the same reverence reserved for my antique treasures. Each piece evokes memories that have become part of my own history. Those touched by Charleston may leave, but Charleston never leaves them.

I purchased my first Edward Bess makeup in April (see my initial impressions) of this year. Imagine my delight, passion really, when the wonderful Edward Bess representatives at Bergdorf Goodman let me know - in the most stylish way - that new Edward Bess shades were available. They sent me a card with all the product names and shades swatched. The minute I received their elegant card, in early evening as the day faded, memories flooded my brain as I studied the shades. There was no question that I would be wearing them. Even tempted with a September special offer, I had to have them - try them, wear them - immediately.

What new shades tempted me?
  • Blush Imperiale in Moroccan Rose
  • Compact Rouge in Love Affair
  • Deep Shine Lip Gloss in Endless Love
  • A new powder-finish foundation, available in five shades
I called Jennifer Schwartz the next morning as soon as the store opened. I bought the new blush, compact rouge, and lip gloss - oh and a few other things, she says with a big Cheshire Cat smile. My new treasures rolled in last week. There was no question that I would adore them.

Blush Imperiale ($48) is a light, ultra-fine powder blush, extremely soft to the touch, which gives cheeks a natural glow. As with other Edward Bess makeup, it applies and blends smoothly. The radiant finish stays color-true all day. A useful brush is provided with the compact.

Compact Rouge ($38) is an incredibly smooth cream formula that provides a sheer tint to lips and cheeks for extremely natural color. It instantly brightens with a stained finish and flatters with its pretty shades.

Both Blush Imperiale and Compact Rouge are housed in a sleek black compact - spare, elegant, and practical. It feels like a shell, polished from years of waves and sand, sleek with history to conjure.

There had to be a colorful flower in the background of my Edward Bess swatches. From the gardens tucked away from the street behind Charleston homes to Rainbow Row, with its pastel town homes, color is part of Charleston's milieu. On my arm at left is Compact Rouge in Love Affair at top and Blush Imperiale in Moroccan Rose below. Both are pink, but Moroccan Rose is warm, while Love Affair is cool. Did the artist intend to portray a real love affair as cool, perhaps one with smoldering embers that could ignite, but would likely extinguish? I'd love to ask Edward, but I won't. Some things aren't meant to be shared beyond a hint.

I'll save the Deep Shine Lip Gloss for later this week. Do you space out your treats? I do; I know when I need to have a special moment. What better way to experience one than to apply something new from Edward Bess?

Until this week, Edward Bess cosmetics were only available from Edward Bess or Bergdorf Goodman. Wednesday, September 1, Edward is launching his line at Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills, where he will greet customers for 10 days. California, I'm envious! Until Edward decides to come to Virginia, I'll be shopping with Jennifer Schwartz and Susan Babakhanova at Bergdorf Goodman. You can too. Just give them a call at (212) 872-8826.

You can see the line at Edward Bess online and visit with Edward Bess at Facebook. See if the magic lures you.

Photos courtesy of Edward Bess


Eileen said...

There's nothing razzle-dazzle or over the top about EB's cosmetic creations, rather his entire line speaks of poise, elegance, and confidence. It is feminine without being frou-frou. It is refined without being contrived. His extraordinary esthetic might not be for everyone, but the superlative quality of his products is a lesson in what a good cosmetic should be.

His compact rouge is without a doubt the best one out there and that's high praise, indeed, because both Bobbi Brown and Le Métier de Beauté have excellent ones. But, for a compact rouge that really can be successfully worn on both cheeks and lips, EB is the clear winner. EB's is smooth, silky, and creamy without being greasy or sticky. It glides on and gives a luminous glow of color that never looks oily or shiny as the day wears on. And, the formula and color really can be comfortably worn on the lips without drying them out or looking odd.

And last, but not least, let us not forget those two wonderful Bergdorf ladies, Jennifer and Susan. Both ladies have been ever so helpful to me whenever I've called to place an order. Although I generally don't order cosmetics sight unseen, marvelous posts by Sabrina of the Beauty Look Book caused me to take the plunge and then my initial phone contact with Jennifer sealed the deal! Thanks to those three ladies I have a wonderful and representative collection of Edward's creations.

September 1 I'll be going to Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills. I have the feeling there's going to be quite a crush as Edward has many fans out here :-)

beautybear said...

I love Edward Bess!! Any info on the September"special" you mentioned?

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Eileen!

I am so envious - close to a store with Edward Bess (or by Wednesday). Have fun!

Thank you for adding so much good information in your comment. I love hearing from you, and I'm sure other readers do too! Remember, we will need to write that book together.

Jennifer and Susan impress me so - they are real pros! And so sweet. I trust them completely, and they have never led me astray. I must meet them in person the next time I visit New York!

Charlestongirl said...

Hey there, BeautyBear,

During Beauty/Gift Card Week, Bergdorfs will have an Edward Bess special. It runs from September 19-26. If you spend at least $100, you will receive a $25 discount and a free lipstick in Eternal Passion.

I may have to purchase again that week!

Allison W said...

Ooh, the September special may just be the time for me to take the plunge and indulge my fierce desire to try Edward Bess! I've already taken the plunge and tried Chantecaille, so why not keep the ball rolling?! I love your blog, but it is oh so dangerous!

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Allison! Maybe that's why none of my friends want to go shopping with me? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi,Loved this post. I'm new to the brand. Do you use the blush imperiale with the compact rouge? Just wondering if you need both....or if the compact rouge would give plenty of color on its own? Just looking for a blush cream or powder that gives that perfect fall flush.