Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pedigreed Selections from M∙A∙C's Fabulous Felines

How could a cat lover not be tempted by M∙A∙C's new Fabulous Felines Collection? Burmese Beauty, Leopard Luxe, Palace Pedigreed (named after the Russian Blue) - the only thing missing, according to Charlie, is a blue-eyed Bengal!

We had a little chat as I studied the M∙A∙C Web site. It went something like this...

Me: Charlie, although we don't jump for every fleeting M∙A∙C collection that pussyfoots in, I think I may have to order a few pieces from Fabulous Felines.
Charlie: Did they name any of them after me and my relatives?
Me: Well, no, but they are pedigreed cats, like you, darling.
Charlie: Well then, I'm going to have a cap nap on my pillow next to your computer while you flirt with other cats. You won't find one as beautiful as I am!

I studied the three colorful feline "families."

Burmese Beauty: A rich teak-olive colour collection for lips, cheeks, and eyes that celebrates the well-cared-for and exalts in her high-borne right to be spoiled.

Leopard Luxe: Looks for lips, cheeks, and eyes in a tawny, exotic creme-golden colour palette that b
etrays both sensual vulnerability and spectacular power.

Palace Pedigreed: A collection of regal blues, plush greys, and polished silver for lips, cheeks, and eyes as haughty as its finely-favoured feline inspiration - the emerald-eyed, sable-riche Russian Blue.

I was drawn to the shades in Leopard Luxe, although I did have to have Pet Me Mineralized Blush from Palace Pedigreed. This afternoon, I'll show you swatches of a few of my new cat treats, and I'll follow up tomorrow with the rest. Charlie was right; they aren't as purr-fect as he is, but they are pretty nice!

The M∙A∙C photo above is the Leopard Luxe Eye Shadow X4 ($36) quad. With limited-edition shades of camel, brown, "black," and gold (clockwise in palette), the palette purrs and roars, according to M∙A∙C. I swatched the shadows in full sun. Shown top to bottom on my arm are Wild by Nature (Matte), Notoriety (Velvet), Furiously Fabulous (Veluxe Pearl), and Style Predator (Veluxe Pearl). I'm not sold on the matte Wild by Nature at top. Camel is a hard shade for me, but I'll play with it (like catnip?), blend it, and see if I can make it purr. The other three shades are gorgeous, particularly Style Predator, making the palette a good buy.

The photo at left shows the pretty, warm pink Pet Me Mineralize Blush ($21). I love the sheerness, texture, and buildability of Mineralize Blush, and I know I'll be giving Pet Me a workout. It's applied in the center of the photo, just swirled on with a brush enough to make it show in a photo.

I purchased Pigments (two of them!) for the first time - ever. As a rule, I don't like loose shadows - too messy. Stay tuned to find out whether they captured me. I'll show you swatches tomorrow. I also bought a gorgeous Superslick Liquid Eye Liner in Marked for Glamour.

Am I pleased with my pedigreed purchases? Very! Have to attend to cat food now, though. Savannah just walked into the room to tell me she feels neglected. Demando-cat!

Photo at top courtesy of M∙A∙C


Mitchin said...

I am a dog-lover (please, do not throw things at me! =)), but this collection is really cool! Thank you for your post, I think I will be going for Palace Pedigreed =)))

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Mitchin,

I love dogs too. Actually I love all animals! If I could be home during the day, Charlie and Savannah would have a "dog brother."

Very nice choice of Palace Pedigreed!

Leigh said...

I love all my pieces except for the Palace Pedigreed eyeliner - - I tried to line, stipple - - just didn't seem to "take" and flaked off. I'm going for more lip colors tomorrow.

Bonnie C. said...

Can I just say that I love that you have a little pillow for Charlie next to the computer:-) My late dog used to curl up next to me while I was on my laptop, and when he felt he wasn't getting enough love (which was often) :-) he would lay down on top of my keyboard! He knew how to get me to stop and focus on him! :-) Pets are so amazing, and so funny:-)

Charlestongirl said...

Leigh, I will report this afternoon on my liner. I have to admit I haven't tried it yet. I scheduled it for a "Wednesday wear." On my hand, the color is pretty.

Charlestongirl said...

Bonnie, awwwww...

Charlie does that too! He sits on the keyboard OR nudges my arm so I can't type. They are amazing little buddies.

The Beauty Bug said...

Oh show us a picture of Charlie - I love ALL animals and I have had dogs and cats, but I am very partial to cats.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Beauty Bug,

I will get a photo of Charlie this weekend and post it. Getting him to pose takes some effort!