Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dior 5 Colours Lift Wide-Eyed & Radiant Effect Serum-Enriched Primer & Eyeshadows

It's always a dilemma. Use the French name or the English one? Today, I chose to use the English name: Dior 5 Colours Lift Wide-Eyed & Radiant Effect Serum-Enriched Primer and Eyeshadows ($60).

Isn't that a mouthful? With the new 5 Colours Lift, Dior promises skin care in our makeup.

There are four new Dior 5 Colours Lift palettes at Neiman Marcus. They were so gorgeous, I purchased three of them! I'll be featuring all three, but I wanted to show you one today. I bought them last week - the second they arrived. Pretty soon, they are going to start calling me the telephone stalker. When I know something is on the way, I check every day - even when they aren't expecting a shipment.

The new 5 Colours Lift palettes have a unique twist. They are the first palettes of revitalizing, radiance-boosting, treatment-based shadows by Dior. The palettes bring together a new generation of luminous pigments and eye-care serum powders. The Lift&Glow (no spaces in the trademarked name) bring together shadow and base formulas with a soft, blendable texture to smooth and even skin tone. Every item in the palettes blends like a dream. They are all creamy - even the powders seem creamy to me.

Our quick and easy radiance boost for the eyes comes courtesy of five products.
  • A smoothing Lift Base, infused with skin-care ingredients, that you apply with your fingertips, gently sweeping over the eyelid and into the crease
  • The color Serum Shadow, which you apply to the lid, starting at the inner corner and moving outward
  • The contouring Serum Shadow for the outer corner of the lid and the crease
  • The Radiance-Boosting Shadow to be applied with a light touch to the brow bone
  • The Liner & Brow Structuring Touch with adjustable intensity to use as a liner and brow color
The quint shown here is #042, Lifting Grey. It's the hardest one to photograph because the colors are so light on the skin, but it's a charmer for everyday wear. Clockwise, starting at upper left above, my photo shows the Serum Shadow, Radiance-Boosting Shadow, Liner & Brow Structuring Touch, and Contouring Serum Shadow. The Lift Base primer is in the center. Directions come in every box in case you need a reminder of what's what, and there is a printed, clear plastic overlay that labels each shade.

All of the shades appear to be darker in the compact than they are on my skin. I applied each for the swatch photo with a sponge-tipped applicator, and I took my photo in full, morning sun. The Serum Eyeshadow color is a shimmering grey - so useful! The Radiance-Boosting Shadow is a light pink. I would use it anywhere, not just on the brow bone. The cream liner/brow shade is a nice brown for blonds. Want more color? Simply apply more. The Contouring Serum Shadow is charcoal. The cream Lift Base primer is a very light, matte pink.

I love the texture of all five colors. They apply like a dream with a regular shadow brush or a cream shadow brush. The shades of #042 are subtle - perfect for those who don't want daytime drama. I can't wait to show you the other two palettes I purchased. I just need time and sun to get swatch photos. One is Lifting Ivory, and the other is Lifting Rose. There is a much darker palette with amber shades that I didn't purchase. I'll tell you more about the ingredients in my next feature.

You can find the Dior 5 Colours Lift Wide-Eyed & Radiant Effect Serum-Enriched Primer & Eyeshadows at Neiman Marcus. I scouted the counters for them a week ago, and they weren't in stock at other stores. Maybe all the Dior counters have them now, and I'm sure they will get them.

Photos by BTiB


Flyavsted said...

Do you know if this is an Neiman Marcus exclusive? Thank you. I love these palettes from Dior. Addicted is another word ;)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Flyavsted!

I don't think so, but I will find out today and let you know.

Beth said...

I bought lifting rose at Saks last week when I thought I was buying the Rose palette from the summer collection. I haven't tried it yet and I'm looking forward to see all of the different ones!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Beth!

Isn't that Rose palette pretty? I have it in front of me - just love it!

Charlestongirl said...

Hey there, Flyavsted, Beth answered our question before I could get to Dior or NM!

Flyavsted said...

Thank you! I really appriciate it!

Bonnie C. said...

I'm excited to see the other colors, and interesting how they are combining color with treatment for the eyes. Did you notice a difference with wear and tear? Did you use the shadow on its own, or did you use a different primer with it? (do you think the center base would work with other shadows?)

Thanks for the review! :-)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Bonnie!

The center base will work with any shadow - very cool. When I wear it, I don't wear my regular primer. I think that would be "overkill" with too many layers. :)

Not sure what you mean by wear and tear, but these colors last just as long as other shadows.

Happy Easter!

Miss Brahms said...

What does the lifing serum feel like on the lids? We don't have the testers yet!!!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Miss Brahms!

You didn't get the testers? Amazing!

It feels light in weight and creamy when it goes on, and it dries to a good base for shadow - a little creamy, but more like a thin coat of a first-class powder. Hard to describe. It attracts shadows.

Unknown said...

Do u think these shadows are formulated for people with dry leads?

lava said...

Hi, do you know where it is made ? in Japan or French? Usually it prints on the box. Thank you.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Lava,

Made in France. Glad I hadn't recycled the box, although the compact usually says too.