Monday, April 18, 2011

Giorgio Armani Beauty Sheer Lipsticks for Summer 2011

I have a confession. Rouge d'Armani is not my favorite Giorgio Armani lipstick. I like my lip colors to be sheer and shiny, and I'm not a fanatic about how long the color lasts. While Rouge d'Armani outlasts the Sheer and Shine Lipsticks, I prefer the older formulas.

Since I'm a long-time fan of Giorgio Armani Beauty's Sheer Lipsticks ($27), I was delighted when I learned that the four new lip colors introduced for summer are sheers. I had feared Armani was abandoning them. I purchased two of the four new shades: #36 and #37.

#36 is shown at the top in the photo at right, with #37 below. In the tube, #36 looks extremely coral, but it's a different shade on my lips - more of a peachy pink. The tube shade of #37 is more true to how it looks on the lips. It's a flattering nude.

I swatched the shades in morning sunlight. Hopefully, you can see how sheer they are. I applied the lip color with at least five passes to get an adequate color representation on my arm.

Armani's Sheer Lipsticks provide a luminous coat of sheer color that's "right" for summer. A combination of a hydrating base with a transparent lip color, these lightweight, soothing lipsticks leave behind a moisturizing veil of color that enhances the natural tone of the lips with a tint. They feel great on my lips - extremely moist.

Two new shades I didn't purchase are also available. One is very coral - really coral - and one is brown. I may have to check out the brown one again. As I rule, I like Armani's browns. For now, I'm delighted with the two I bought last week.

A perfect complement to the new Mediterranean Eye Palette 2011, the new Sheer Lipsticks are a breath of fresh air for summer. You can purchase these now at Neiman Marcus. I'm sure the Armani Beauty counters and Web site will have them soon.

Photos by BTiB


anahita said...

These look great. I am really looking forward to this collection. I saw on the international armani beauty website that they have a bronzer in the limited edition packaging. Did you happen to see that? The reason I'm asking is that my Neiman's has the entire collection but that and I was wondering if we are going to ge it. The SA said yes but she wasn't sure whey it wasn't included with everything else.

Lucy said...

The Armani sheers are really pretty! Do you use a liner under them at all for staying power?

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anahita!

I have been assured by the regional account exec that NM is getting the bronzer. It didn't ship with the rest of the collection.

European companies often ship when ready. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Lucy,

I don't bother, but that's the way to get it to stay. Good idea!

I would rather just reapply when needed. :)

pinkribbons said...

#37 looks like it's the perfect nude. How do these compare to Rouge Coco Shines? The Armani's look like they're a lot more light weight.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Pinkribbons,

Less pigment than Chanel Rouge Coco Shine - much more sheer. :)

Me said...

Pretty! I have Rouge d'Armani in Plum 606, and it is a very sheer, shiny pink with peach (I don't see any plum). I look forward to trying the Armani sheers for summer.

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Zuzu!

makeup magpie said...

I tried on all four this morning (before I read this post) & got exactly the same two you featured here :) They were all pretty but these two seemed the most wearable and flattering. Thanks for the review :)

Charlestongirl said...

I think you will really enjoy the sheers, Magpie! Thank you.

Kristie said...

Thanks for the swatches. I'm sad to hear these are less pigmented compared to coco shines. The colors definitely look wearable.

Charlestongirl said...


Do you have an Armani counter near you where you can try a tester on your hand? You might like these. Even though they are less pigmented and long-lasting, I think the shine sticks around longer.