Thursday, April 28, 2011

M·A·C Cremeblend Blush

M·A·C Cremeblend Blush ($19.50) may come in a color you love! There are six shades of Cremeblend Blush, which M·A·C says "manages to make a simple blush state-of-the-art."

The price was right, so I ordered three of them: So Sweet, So Easy; Something Special; and Posey. They appeared online to be shades I might like. I have no idea why I didn't order Tea Petal, which I think I would have liked. I wish I had ordered it.

When the blushes arrived, I was immediately struck by the lightly creamy and easy-to-blend texture. They blend well with a synthetic brush or my fingers. Incredibly nice! The medium-coverage formula imparts a natural finish that's smooth and dewy.

Color makes all the difference. If you select the right shade from the six, you will be extremely happy. I want Tea Petal!

I love two of the three shades I did order. My swatch photo, taken in outdoor sunlight, with the shades fairly unblended, shows my three shades in this order top to bottom:
  • Posey, described as warm peach, but a lovely coral (to my eye) even I can wear,
  • Something Special, described as light coral, but a gorgeous peach with a hint of nude or warm pink, and
  • So Sweet, So Easy, described as a bright yellow-pink, but really cotton-candy pink.
So Sweet, So Easy is way too sugary - a pink that for me is too cool, too young, too light, too something. How could anyone could have selected the description of "yellow-pink"? I don't like it at all, so it's headed to a better home, probably one inhabited by a 12-year-old kid allowed to wear makeup.

I do like the shades that are often hard for me to wear, Posey and Something Special. While I think they switched the descriptions at birth, they are both pretty. Why didn't I order Tea Petal? The site calls it a mid-tone reddish brown, but the swatch photo at M·A·C's Web site is gorgeous. Should I place another order? Anyone have Tea Petal?

You can purchase the Cremeblend Blushes at M·A·C stores, online, and M·A·C counters at department stores. I bought mine online from M·A·C.

Photo at top courtesy of M·A·C


lovethescents said...

I have Posey, actually, and enjoy it so much! I'm happy you're liking it too. I agree that this formula is easy to blend, even for a non-experienced hand as mine :-)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Lovethescents!

Posey is a nice summer color if I apply it lightly. Hang out at beauty counters and watch. You'll get the technique.

Anonymous said...

I have Brit Wit- I love it! It's a great neutral pink, it's a cream version of NARS Douceur if you like that one. I'm NW15 and it works great for me.

waftbyCarol said...

When you get those lip colors ready for me , I will buy the Posey too , so you can order that Tea Petal you want...jus sayin'....

Charlestongirl said...

LOL, Carol! Not sure I can give up Posey!

Charlestongirl said...

Oh my, Tracy, you mean I need yet another one? These are so nice. I've been waiting months, though, for the new La Prairie cream blushes. What's an addict to do?