Thursday, April 21, 2011

NARS Lose Yourself Blush/Bronzing Powder Duo & Lip Gloss Set

Just in case you are a Sephora VIB and still trying to decide what to purchase (by midnight) with your CHICWEEK 15% discount, may I suggest the NARS Lose Yourself Blush/Bronzing Powder Duo & Lip Gloss Set ($49). I bought one, and I wore it two days in a row this week. You may laugh, but I try so many products, a two-day run in one week is remarkable.

The limited-edition set is exclusive to Sephora. It pairs Angelika Blush with Laguna Bronzer and a large mini-sized Angelika Lip Gloss. With its bright and bronze shades, it summons the spirit of spring and summer. The subtly sparkling cotton-candy pink Angelika Blush and Lip Gloss provide a breezy, ready-to-wear look. There are gold flecks in the blush and gold and silver sparkles in the gloss, but neither is over-the-top glittery. I apply with blush with a fluffy brush so that I don't look "too pink." The Laguna Bronzer is the perfect contouring shade to go with the pretty-in-pink look.

I love the set and meant to tell you about it earlier. You have a few hours left to get yours at a 15% discount in the United States.

Photo courtesy of Sephora


lovethescents said...

I was at Sephora yesterday, ironically, and it wasn't there. I wonder if they might have sold out? However, I still haven't tried that lipgloss. The pink is a bit bluish, which tends to make teeth appear more yellow, no?

Charlestongirl said...

It doesn't look really blue on the lips. Also, I think tooth color makes a huge difference. We should all be whitening. :)

I bought mine online. I seldom go in Sephora stores, so I don't know if they have it.