Monday, April 25, 2011

NARS Queen Soft Touch Shadow Pencil for Summer 2011

The queen would die. NARS Queen Soft Touch Eye Pencil ($24) is a glitter bomb. I don't know how NARS can put out so many incredibly great products, but then introduce an occasional bomb. The Calanque Eyeshadow Trio, introduced with the Spring 2011 Collection, was a washout. Unfortunately, the "gold-infused platinum" in that trio was fairly useless. It had no color. It laid down a sheer sparkle and nothing else. The same is true with the Queen Soft Touch Eye Pencil. It lays down glitter with almost no color.

This smooth and creamy soft touch shadow pencil, in a majestic and modern citrus gold glitter, can be swiped on lids and blended with a fingertip.

The NARS online description of Queen is partially correct. It is smooth and creamy. It's not majestic. Can you find the modern citrus? I tried - I really tried - to get an even application of this pencil shadow. Here are the results on my arm - in bright sun at right above (mostly sunshine) and left, but with a different tilt of my arm vs the sun. I was unsuccessful in applying this shadow, but my photos show the results accurately - uneven, gold glitter, accompanied by almost no green.

Because I have Soft Touch Shadow Pencils I adore, I'm very disappointed. Normally, I don't tell you about products that don't have any characteristic I like. I had to tell you about Queen to prevent you from making the same mistake I did. Do not order this pencil online, sight unseen, thinking you will receive a shimmering parrot green. Go to an arts store and purchase glitter if that's what you want on your eyelids. It will cost a lot less than $24.

Better yet, if you want a shadow pencil, buy the Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in one of the other shades. If you read the word "glitter," though, click away quickly.

Should you like this look, you can purchase the Queen at the NARS Web site and NARS counters, where you will find some exquisite products for Summer 2011. This isn't one of them - in my humble opinion. Fortunately, I'll be telling you about a few I love very soon. The new Multiple - like all the rest of the Multiples - is lust-worthy.

Photo at top courtesy of NARS


mq, cb said...

Are there any good Nars Soft Touch pencils? I have read so many bad reviews of them that I automatically disregard them now, even though the colours are so enticing.

Charlestongirl said...

I LOVE Hollywoodland. See my feature here.

I'm so sorry to have to write such a negative review. NARS will hate me.

Anonymous said...

I've never liked a NARS soft touch pencil. They crease on me within 5 minutes, even with a primer. I don't get why they can't make these better.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Tracy!

Maybe I like Hollywoodland because I wear a primer underneath. The NARS eye primer is the only one I have ever found that will hold NARS creams on the eyelid.

lovethescents said...

Yay! Something else I don't NEEEEED to run out and purchase! This makes for a nice change for a my poor little wallet :-)

That glitter looks ridiculous, reminiscent of Halloween.

Hollywoodland is very pretty, you are right. Thank you, as always, for your thoughtful and honest reviews.

Charlestongirl said...

Thank you, Lovethescents. I was so hoping I would like this one. Bummer.

Nanners said...

Not a fan of the Soft Touch pencils, and I don't think they are up to usual NARS quality. How do you feel about the cream shadows? I love the colors, but also don't feel that they have much staying-power.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Nanners,

I love the NARS cream shadow shades, but never succeeded in keeping them on (and I have dry lids)until the NARS eyelid primer was launched.