Sunday, July 19, 2009

Armani Everything - New Products for Fall

New Armani Fall 2009 Product Alert!

Imagine the delight of this Armani Beauty fan when she saw the new Sheer Blush in #12 ($42)! This soft pink color leaves a radiant glow, and I saw the results on different skin tones at Saks this past week.

Loyd Cassler applied the blush to me (fair skin) and to a nicely tanned woman with a medium skin tone. She saw the light color in the pan and thought it wouldn't work for her. I wondered too, thinking it might disappear on her skin. However, once applied, it made her eyes pop - she looked fabulous. For me, there were no doubts. It was a perfect color.

The Sheer Blush is extremely natural looking. This new color is a definite hit. I thought the ultimate color existed in #10. Now, I have a new favorite.

I also picked up two more Manta Ray Eye Shadows ($32). I had blogged about the first two I ordered from the Armani Web site in colors #2 and #4. I wanted to see the rest of the color duos, and I was thrilled to find that #1 and #5 are equally exciting. Loyd used a blend of all four colors on me that day, and a few hours later, I got a compliment on my shadow from another beauty fanatic. The #1 is a duo of subdued charcoal gray and "greige," and the #5 is a chameleon, with one side described as shimmering lilac and the other pale green pearl. Applied, they simply provide a radiant base that will work with any other colors or used alone to enhance a light, natural looking eye. Very cool. The nice thing about these shadows is that you can create so many combinations by mixing them. True of all Armani shadows, they allow you to modulate the color; you can stop at a sheer wash or keep building for a more dramatic look.

There are two new ArmaniSilk lipsticks ($25) in colors #92 and #93. Both with a tilt toward blue, the darker grape-colored one is a nice touch for Fall. This color should work for all skin tones, with different effects for each. I won't be waiting for September to break out these beauties.

I also purchased a new Liquid Silk Eyeliner. It's a beautiful metallic blue-tinged gray. These liners apply easily and are extremely long lasting. At $30, give one a try.

I love it when Armani Beauty introduces new colors. You can see them at Saks or order online from the Armani Beauty Web site. If you live near a Saks Fifth Avenue, next Thursday, July 23, they have an in-store promotion. Spend $250 that day, and you will get a $25 gift card. Spend $500, and you will get a $50 gift card. Spend even more, and you'll get more back! It's spaving - spending money to save money.

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