Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vichy Set to Introduce New Products for Dry Skin

The French skin care line Vichy, owned by L'Oreal, will introduce four new products this month. Of particular interest to me are the products for dry skin.

Aqualia Mineral Balm will be the first purchase on my list. The thick cream contains a highly concentrated amount of Vichy’s signature thermal spa water, naturally enriched with 15 trace elements and mineral salts. This active product is designed for dehydrated skin and is free of parabens, fragrances, and preservatives. Even better, it will be available in a pump dispenser (love that!) and will retail for $35.

There will also be two new Liftactiv products, including an SPF 20 lotion and Liftactiv CxP Dry Skin Formula, a cream designed especially for chapped or leathery skin. Like the other products in the Liftactiv CxP line, these two products contain peptides and vitamin C to help fortify new fiber-producing cells. Both products will retail for $43. Don't fear when you read terms such as "chapped" and "leathery" - that's just marketing speak for dry or really dry.

Vichy is available at upscale drugstores, such as CVS Healthy Skincare Stores, and Vichy USA.

Photo courtesy of CVS.

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Miss Brahms said...

Wow! I love Vichy products - they are an affordable alternative to much pricier products that can achieve the same results - especially the cleansers, toners, and the Aqualia Hydration line. I am definitely interested in the balm - I am wondering how this differs from the current Vichy offering of Aqualia Thermale Riche - a rich re=hydrator. It must be the mineral element. I know that fans of the LiftActiv Pro line will be excited about the new C+P offerings. Just yesterday I had someone inquire as to when LiftActiv C+P (vitamin c and peptides) would be coming out with a product with SPF, and here it is.....Vichy is clearly taking advantage of consumers' checkbook caution by making great skincare available in a mass-market setting.