Friday, July 24, 2009

Elizabeth Arden to Introduce New Prevage Day Cream

According to WWD's July 24, 2009 issue, Elizabeth Arden will be introducing a moisturizing day cream in October ($125). I can't wait!

The Prevage Day will merge the Prevage anti-aging Idebenone; a new ingredient, Thiotaine; UVA/UVB protection; EPF (environmental protective factor) protection; and shea butter and other advanced moisturizing ingredients. Sounds fully loaded!

Here's what WWD had to say about the EPF..."The new product features a 95 EPF rating. The metric measures things like sunburn cell protection, lipid oxidation, and DNA damage."

Thiotaine is a potent lab-formulated replication of a botanical amino acid shown to promote skin energy and block the activation of two enzymes that degrade collagen and elastin and destroy the skin's supporting structure, leading to wrinkle formation. It's currently available in some niche products like Remergent DNA Repair Formula ($94.99), available at Amazon.

By all accounts, this new day cream will be a potent and effective anti-aging product.

Photo courtesy of WWD.

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