Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dauget Huile Seche pour le Corps

This is one of my secrets - secret because this stuff is incredibly hard to find! Made by the French company, Dauget, the spray body oil is made with 100% organic extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, arnica oil, marigold oil, Vitamin E, and St. John's Wort oil. It has a heavenly scent and melts on the skin. I spritz with it every night before bed.

I was buying it from Art with Flowers at the Tysons Galleria in McLean, Virginia, but they (Bill and Jose) stopped carrying it. There are a few spas that are listed online as offering it. Guess I'll have to find a French source when I run out. Either that or see if I can pester my friends at Art with Flowers to order a case for me! Just in case you live near Washington, DC, check out Art with Flowers. They carry wonderful, hard-to-find fragrances and home products - quite a boutique. And their floral design services are extraordinary.

If you can find this luxurious body oil, I highly recommend that you try it.

Photo courtesy of Dauget.


Kathy said...

This body oil smells wonderful, and the spray delivery is so convenient! I too am a fan of huile - or oil, rather than creams, for my body. I guess it is my dessicated skin - or could it be that oil is so ancient and decadent? It is like being at a Roman bath when you can smooth in nicely scented aromatic oil after a bath or before retiring! I do have favorites as well - Leonor Greyl Huile de Palme for hair is ADDICTIVE. It actually turns into a solid in the winter months on my dressing table, and I end up warming it with my Elchim hair dryer to render it usable. The scent is intoxicating and I rub the excess into my skin after I've deposited it on my hair, scalp, and daughter's hair. It is available at Another oil that a good friend gave me is Bliss Lemon+Sage Bath Oil - not as sophisticated as the above, but I love fresh green scent of the oil. Of course, for we plebians everday use, Neutrogena Sesame Seed Bath Oil cannot be beat - in price, scent, nor texture!!! That one is available in drugstores - oil for the masses~!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this new blog and can't wait to try some of these products, which I likely would never have discovered on my own. Thanks, Charlstongirl!