Tuesday, July 28, 2009

EcoTools Makeup Brushes

My friends are raving about EcoTools Earth-Friendly Bamboo Brushes, available for power, blush, eye shadow and eye liner, foundation, lash and brow, and bronzers. The brushes have soft, cruelty-free bristles made of synthetic talkon, and they are made with natural (bamboo) and recycled (aluminum) materials. Bamboo is a highly sustainable plant. Years ago, my father planted bamboo near the stream. If a Chinese restaurant owner didn't harvest the young shoots each spring, the bamboo would have overtaken the house by now!

The brushes were featured in the April 2009 Lucky magazine's "Best of Inexpensive Green Beauty" piece. The five-piece set shown here is $14.99. Prices of the single brushes range from $3.99 to $9.99 at Ulta. They are also available at drugstore.com and in some drugstores.

One friend who has been using them for a couple of weeks says they are velvety soft and effective applicators that pick up just the right amount of product. Even better, she said they don't shed bristles. Given that they are "green," it's worth spreading the word.

Footnote: WWD has announced that actress Alicia Silverstone is partnering with EcoTools to launch a brush and storage line in time for the holidays. Stay tuned.

Photo courtesy of EcoTools.


Miss Brahms said...

LOVE these brushes and you cannot beat the price - I purchased mine at Wegman's, where they had testers of both types of brush - natural bristles and the taklon fiber - and I preferred the synthetic fiber brush! The set comes with an eyebrow brush/comb, eyeshadow dome brush, angled brow brush, and large mineral/blush/powder brush - not a kabuki mind you - you can purchase that one separately. With high-end brushes at Sephora, MAC, Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown going for more per brush than an entire set of the EcoTools, every plain Jane can become a makekup artist without having to break the bank - a good thing in these financial times!

Charlestongirl said...

Hey, DrugstoreBeautyPro,

You write such thoughtful comments. I'm sure readers learn a lot from you - thank you!

With respect to "plain Janes," I will put myself in that category, since I'm not a professional makeup artist, but I sure do want those brushes! Even though I have lots of brushes, I'm dying to try them - and I like the idea of rewarding companies that are "green."