Monday, July 20, 2009

Cult Fragrance - i Profumi di Firenze

Why call it anything but a cult fragrance? You won't stumble on it in stores - you just have to know. How did I find it? Beautyhabit, of course. Once I discovered Beautyhabit, I spent what the Brits would call a bloody fortune.

Among other Beautyhabit purchases, I started ordering the i Profumi di Firenze fragrances, and each one that arrived was special and individual. Here is what Beautyhabit has to say about the line.

Inspired by original 16th century secret formulas commissioned by Caterina de Medici, "i Profumi di Firenze" perfumes are meticulously hand-blended in small batches with the finest selections of floral and botanical essences from Italy and around the world.

In the mid-1960's, when synthetic perfumes were all the rage, a renowned Florentine apothecary carefully re-created these Renaissance fragrances using only all natural ingredients and their own secret methods of essence extraction. These scents are timeless and harmonize beautifully on the skin - you will not be disappointed!

A nice summery scent I am wearing a lot now is i Profumi di Firenze Acqua di Firenze ($99). I can't find this scent on Beautyhabit now. Fortunately, Acqua di Firenze is available at several Web sites, including Lusciouscargo. A blend of white flowers, including heavenly honeysuckle, and green leaves, this light, fresh scent is divine. I picked up a few extras at Art with Flowers at Tysons Galleria.

This line has a fragrance for everyone, from floral lovers to citrus fans to spice gals.
Tuberosa d'Autunno is based, like its name implies, on tuberose, a seductive white floral that has found a home at my house in many different brands and fragrances. Mughetto di Primavera is a single-note wild lily of the valley scent. This also doesn't seem to be available at Beautyhabit, but you can find it online. I don't know why some of these come and go - perhaps since they are handmade, they are available only for a limited time (just a guess).

Check out Beautyhabit or Lusciouscargo and then choose the one that appeals to you. You won't smell like "everywoman."

Use code BHVOYAGE at Beautyhabit for a purchase of $50 or more to receive a seven-piece sampler. The code is good until July 27 (or until supply is exhausted).

Photo courtesy of Lusciouscargo.


Diana's Gift Shop said...

It is good to see Natural Perfume being promoted ;)
I have been making all natural perfumes, soap, lip balm and body balms for my family and especially for my Mom - who we found out has stage 4 cancer that she has had for quite a while. So far she is winning :)
Word got out about my natural products and my little antique shop was turned into an all natural products business.
I have had so much joy during the process of coming up with my products.
It is wonderful to walk through my organic gardens and think about what I will make with my herbs, flowers and fruits...
Thank you so much for reminding folks that there are people out here who are trying to make the world a more beautiful place, BUT by all natural means.

Have a good day !

Organically Yours,

Charlestongirl said...

Oh, Diana, I am so sorry your Mom has cancer, but thrilled that she is winning the battle. Miracles do happen every day.

I love your joyful approach to your business. Best of luck - sounds like you enjoy what you do, and there's nothing better than that. This environmentalist sends a congrats!

Those of us who pray will say a prayer for your mother.