Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rollerball Fragrances for Gals on the Go

I just got an e-mail from Saks that directed me to this find! To back up a bit, this Spring, I bought Annick Goutal's new fragrance Un Matin d'Orage ($80). Translated as "A Stormy Morning," it's a delightful blend of jasmine, magnolia, and gardenia - three of my favorite fragrant flowers. I knew the scent was really nice when my friend Kathy smelled it and raved (and that was before I even got home from Saks that day!).

Now, the wonderful fragrance is available in a rollerball ($29), which means I can throw it in my purse and refresh throughout the day. This is exciting! You know where I'll be later today!

Update at 7:30 pm: I went to the Saks closest to me, and the rollerballs had come in and sold out - just like that. I'll be checking my favorite Saks tomorrow. This has become a challenge!

Photo courtesy of Saks.

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