Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Topical and Oral Lutein - Powerful Anti-Aging Ingredient

Let's get technical!

Direct from Cosmetics & Toiletries, there is some interesting new information about topical and oral lutein as an anti-aging ingredient. Kemin Health recently reported that its lutein supplement technology was found to have anti-aging skin benefits. The company's research suggests that both topical and oral lutein can increase skin hydration and decrease skin lipid peroxidation (basically cell damage), providing anti-aging benefits to skin.

Internal research was conducted on the company's FloraGLO Lutein, a patented, purified lutein used by supplement and food manufacturers for products specific to eye health and function. Lutein is a naturally occurring carotenoid found in some leafy green vegetables, such as spinach and kale. According to Kemin Health, lutein appears to provide a protective role due to its ability to fight free radicals in the skin, as well as the environmental challenges to skin health.

The company cited research showing that lutein is deposited throughout our skin, delivering antioxidant benefits to cells. A clinical trial was conducted in which participants were administered an oral supplement containing lutein daily for 12 weeks. The participants showed a measurable increase in skin hydration and elasticity and a decrease in skin lipid peroxidation - all good things. Lipids are oily components within the skin that are essential to the skin's appearance and provide a barrier to loss of moisture. In addition, the company reported that lutein used in a topical preparation applied to the skin showed significant improvements in these parameters and, when combined with oral lutein supplements, generated even greater results than oral or topical lutein.

You can find multivitamins containing lutein in drugstores, supermarkets, and health food stores. Bioelements Lutein Indoor Protective Day Cream, $42 at Skin-Beauty, shown here, is a lutein-containing cream that offers protection from damaging light indoors (a great product for those of us who live in our offices!). This rich cream restores the skin's protective barrier and fights recirculated air. It keeps skin moisturized with botanical oils while shielding it from the environmental factors that cause dehydration, dullness, and surface wrinkles.

I'm placing my order!

Lutein research information courtesy of Cosmetics & Toiletries. Photo courtesy of Skin-Beauty.

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