Thursday, August 20, 2009

Benefit's New Lip Glosses

Benefit's new Lip Glosses ($18) are terrific. Because I love Benefit's Silky-Finish Lipsticks (see prior posting here), I wasted no time in ordering two of these glosses. Of course, now I covet the other six!

I purchased Fresh Squeezed, described well as pink grapefruit, and Zone Out, a light golden nude. Of the two, my favorite is Fresh Squeezed. Fresh Squeezed is such a pretty and summery color, it brightens my whole face. Zone Out is a great color for adding a golden glow to a darker lipstick.

The glosses are so nice and creamy they can be used as lipsticks. They add a perfect subtle shine - nothing over the top - and they are not sticky. They have a delicate apricot-lychee scent - fortunately delicate because I don't like heavily flavored lip glosses.

Now that I have two in hand, I can judge how the other colors will look. Sometimes, it's hard when all you have is an online color swatch. I could go to Sephora, but I am the ultimate armchair shopper.

If I can't have all six remaining, I have to order three more: I'm with the Band (golden pink shimmer), Friends in High Places (sparkling raspberry), and Who are You Wearing? (passion fruit pink). They look gorgeous. The glosses are available from Benefit and Sephora.

Photo courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics.


Emma said...

I haven't seen these yet!! They sound fabulous...Benefit is one of my favorite brands. I also love their Silky Finish lipstick. I'm going to have to purchase one of these!

Charlestongirl said...

Emma, I think you will love them! I sure do, and before the weekend is over, I will have ordered the other three I am coveting. Check in and let all of us know what you think!