Monday, August 10, 2009

YouTube Phenom Lauren Luke Introduces Her Makekup Collection

Sephora has exclusively launched Lauren Luke's cosmetics. Well known throughout the world for her YouTube video tutorials (pancea81) on makeup application, Lauren Luke has developed five palettes: My Sultry Blues, My Luscious Greens (shown here), and My Fierce Violets, My Vintage Glams, and My Smokey Classics, all priced at $32.50.

This past week, the New York Times Thursday Styles section had a feature piece on Lauren Luke, who was described as an "open-faced, plain-spoken Englishwoman you might expect to encounter at the butcher shop or corner pub." The writer also said Luke has "plump proportions and pretty if nondescript features." Geez...could she have been a bit kinder? She made her point, that Luke is "everywoman," but everywoman doesn't go on to launch a cosmetic line at Sephora! I think she's darling, unaffected, charming, and talented.

Lauren Luke, a young single mom, had been selling makeup on eBay when she decided to show women how the products looked in real life, with step-by-step instructions. She said that making the videos was easier than answering all the e-mails she was receiving. Her videos became a sensation, with about 50 million total views, making her quite a celebrity and media favorite in just two years.

Good for her! I will be looking for the palettes at Sephora - can't wait to see what she created. You go, girl! Good Luck!

Photo courtesy of Sephora.

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