Sunday, August 23, 2009

Korres Giveaway Contest Winners

Yes, I said "winners." Here's the "team" of judges was akin to a deadlocked jury. We couldn't agree on a single winner, the entrant who wrote the most persuasive case for trying out the Korres Fig Body Butter.*

So, I decided to dig into my "storehouse" and provide three prizes because we had so many entertaining entries. The Fig Body Butter will go to Nicole, and a Quince Body Butter will go to Marci, who wrote a creative poem. A Fig Showergel will go to Cynthia because she's a subscriber, and I love my subscribers. Congratulations, my friends! That's three giveaways from what started as one. Can't afford to do that too often, but since Korres sent me a gift, I'm paying it forward.

Your e-mails were lovely, and, as usual, I wanted to give all of you a Korres product, particularly you fellow environmentalists who care about our planet. For my readers who feel they can't afford to try Korres, there are always family holiday lists! Don't your family members always say (you can substitute whatever holiday name applies here), "What do you want for Christmas?"

This coming week, we will launch our next giveaway contest for an Armani Beauty Fluid Sheer, donated to Best Things in Beauty by the Saks Fifth Avenue Armani Beauty Team. Stay tuned.

*We judged last night, assuming correctly that there wouldn't be any midnight entrants.

Photo courtesy of Korres.

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Charlestongirl said...

I love this story from Kiko, which arrived via e-mail.

This may seem strange, but I was on the train (I commute from CT to NY) and I was taken aback by a smell. I waited 50 minutes to get the courage to ask the gentleman next to me what cologne he was wearing, fearing he would think I was a weirdo. Anyway, after all the time, I decided that I HAD to know what the scent was. I am a huge fan of having a signature scent and have always leaned towards earthy, woody tones.

So I asked, bracing myself for a what could have been a real awkward or unpleasant conversation. It turns out that he was happy help, although he couldn't remember the name and it was actually a body wash, not a cologne. It started with a K, it was Greek, and he had purchased it in Sephora. From Grand Central, it is only two blocks to Sephora in the direction of my job. Feeling a bit excited to discover this scent, I decided to stop in before work.

I went to one of the sales people and asked if they knew of any fig body wash. "Fake body wash?" asked the sales person. "No, fig," I insisted. "Ohh, Korres."

Kiko has now been united with Korres Fig courtesy of the Korres Web site and their great customer service folks.