Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hair Emergencies - Tigi ROCKAHOLIC Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo

Bad hair days are something we have all learned to live with - right? For me, a bad hair day is one in which I spend my usual morning time washing and blow drying my blond bob, leaving home with perfectly coiffed hair, only to have the ends frizz and lose all semblance of curl as soon as I step out of the house. Humidity is my enemy! As a result, I think I always look better in the dry winter months than in the summer.

Last month, I had something worse than a bad hair day - it was a full-fledged emergency. I had tried a new "shine" product, lightly spraying it on my wet hair, as directed, before blow drying. As I started to dry my hair, I noticed that the "wet look" was not going away. To make a long story short, I ended up with a grease slick. My hair looked like it had not been washed in months, and I had to leave for work. What to do?

On my way to the office, I remembered that there was a salon in the next block. I figured a shampoo and blow dry would be all I needed to get through the day and recover my dignity, particularly since I had to teach a course, and I wanted to look half-way decent. After fretting through the first few hours at work, I hit that salon when they opened their doors at 10:00 am. My nightmare got worse: there was no one available to help me. I must have looked totally panicked (and I knew my hair looked awful because of the sympathy I got), because a kind stylist said she would wash my hair and let me blow dry it myself because she had an appointment scheduled.

Then, as she waited for the water to warm up, she had a great idea: Dry shampoo. She grabbed a spray can of Tigi ROCKAHOLIC Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo ($14.70 at Amazon), and went to work spraying my hair. Amazingly, it took out almost all of the oil slick, and it added volume (a benefit of dry shampoos I had not known). Then, half-way into this challenge (she was hooked on fixing me), she proceeded to blow dry my hair, straightening out the frizz (yep it was humid that day) and gently turning under the ends to preserve my bob. Her appointment showed up while she was blow drying my hair. God bless that sweet customer; she must have understood "hair emergency" because she kindly waited for five minutes while the stylist saved the day.

Needless to say, I bought the ROCKAHOLIC Dry Shampoo. I was so impressed! I'm also eternally grateful to the young stylist who saved me. I probably overpaid her, but it was worth every penny! I got through the day with some self-respect.

The lesson in all this? Don't try new products right before you want to look good. Experiments are best left for weekends when there's time to recover!

You can read more about this dry shampoo product on the Tigi Web site. I was really impressed with it and will use it on "second days" when I'm just too lazy to wash my hair.

Anyone want to share their own hair emergencies in the comments? Have you tried the modern dry shampoos?

Photo courtesy of Amazon.

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Anonymous said...

this is too funny! not sure i can top that. even if i could, not sure i could share the pain.