Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Boots Mediterranean Grape, Olive & Nectarine Moisturising Lip Butter

Have you ever stumbled across something you really like because you stopped, looked it over, thought, "What the heck, it's cheap," and bought it on a lark? This is how I discovered this nice little pot of lip balm at Target. I just bought my second, which is pretty amazing since pots are my least favorite containers for lip balms.

Boots, the British brand, is carried at Target ($6.99) and drugstore.com ($5.59), among other places. They make a full line of treatment and cosmetic products - all very reasonably priced. Want to learn more about Boots? Go to this link. They have a very nice Botanics Organic line, the Mediterranean products designed to "delight the senses," and a well-regarded No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum.

The Mediterranean Grape, Olive & Nectarine Moisturising Lip Butter (yes, they substitute "s" in England where we use a "z") tester smelled great, so a nicely sealed pot jumped into my shopping cart. It has lived on the bathroom vanity ever since, and I swipe a little onto my lips each time I pass by. It's extremely hydrating, and has virtually no taste, even though it's a tiny bit fragrant. Figure that out!

I'm hooked. Remember it next time you stop by Target or need just one little product to get free shipping at drugstore.com.

Photo courtesy of drugstore.com.

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