Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Philosophy's Supernatural Collection

Now that I have my hands on my new Philosophy Supernatural Collection pieces, I can tell you what I think. I ordered online from Philosophy or bought (from Nordstrom) two lip glosses, a cream blusher, and the Illuminating Mineral Powder.

The Supernaturals are advertised as skin-loving cosmetics. They are free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, talc, sulfates, propylene glycols, PEGS, and fragrance (but they do have "flavor" - see below). What they do have in the ingredients are minerals, plant and fruit extracts, vitamins, and antioxidants. Right off the bat, they get plus points.

The Supernatural Superglossy Lip Glosses with SPF15 are a nice addition to my lip gloss collection - and at this point, I do mean "collection." I love glosses! These are relatively sheer, subtly shiny, liquid glosses that are not at all sticky. It's wonderful that they have an SPF of 15, since my lips can burn in no time. There is a "minty fresh taste" that I could do without, but it's not strong, and it goes away pretty quickly. I still don't understand why cosmetics companies think we want our lips to taste like mint.

I purchased two colors: Smell the Roses, a glistening berry, and Live in the Moment, a glistening pink mocha. Both are great, and I saw other colors at Nordstrom I would buy. Every one of them looked nice. There are also two lip liners.

The Lit from Within Healthy Cream Blush ($22.50) is superb. It's very sheer, and now that I know that, I want all three of them. I have Bare Your Soul, a natural nude pink. It does produce a healthy, radiant, and natural-looking glow - as advertised. Although the directions say to apply with your fingertips, I used a cream foundation brush, and the application was flawless (if I can brag a bit). Feel Warm All Over is a peach/coral with a hint of shimmer, and Look on the Bright Side is a bright pink (but remember, transparent). The way they look in the pot or online in swatches is darker than the way they look on cheeks - even pale cheeks like mine.

There are also some very nice looking Powder Blush Duos ($25), and I may "need" one of these. I saw them in person, and they spoke to me.

Now I leave the party. I do not like the Supernatural Illuminating Mineral Powder in Moonlight ($28) at all. It was hyped as a highlighter that would produce radiant and luminous skin. Unfortunately, it's a glittery powder - such a downer for a line that is supposed to be natural. I just wasn't expecting obvious glitter from the Supernatural Collection. Since I unscrewed it when it came (mistake - that is not how to apply it!), I spilled some; otherwise, I would return it to Philosophy. It's going to my good friend's 17-year-old daughter, who will probably love it. This is not a highlighter I would recommend to anyone over 20.

So, mostly wins and one big miss. That's what I get, though, for my armchair buying habits. There's more to the collection, including a foundation available next month, powder, a bronzer, and a palette. They even offer Supernatural brushes. You can check out all the new products at Philosophy's Web site, Nordstrom, or wherever Philosophy products are sold. They are showing up in stores this month.

Photo courtesy of Philosophy.


Emma said...

So disappointing the mineral powder was glittery!! I despise glitter in my makeup...subtle shimmer is okay in eyeshadows, but I really don't like much in a blush or powder. It's too teeny-bopper-looking, I think.

But I think I might try one of the lip glosses! They sound really great!

Charlestongirl said...

I agree, Emma. It was such a bummer. "Glitter" and "Supernatural" just don't match up for me. Not only is it "teeny-bopperish," it's messy. Who wants glitter flaking off onto her clothes?

You will find a gloss you love, though - the colors are great.