Monday, August 3, 2009

Lierac Paris New Creme Mesolift

Lierac has another hit in my book! I just finished a one-week trial of Creme Mesolift, a new anti-aging cream. Supplied with samples by DrugstoreBeautyPro, I used them every night for a week over my Prevage MD.

The experience and results? Really good!

First, my misgivings (read on...don't let this part scare you off). When I read the ingredients, I was afraid. There is was: my nemesis Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) listed as part of the active ingredient cocktail. I am extremely sensitive to Vitamin A products; they render me red and peeling, neither of which are a pretty sight. Going back a number of years, I remembered my awful experiences with Retin-A and Renova, which I had tried at my dermatologist's urging to prevent that monthly hormonal breakout (no problem with that these days - there is a benefit to menopause). Then I remembered using cosmetic products with far lower concentrations and getting the same awful reactions. My wonderful dermatologist told me, at that point, to avoid Vitamin A products (duh!). So, there I was, faced with wanting desperately to try this cream. I threw caution to the wind and went for it. Was I glad!

The Retinyl Palmitate is way down on the ingredient list, which means there isn't much of it in the cocktail. The rest of the ingredients are very good for my skin, including Vitamins C, E, B5, and B6; hyaluronic acid; and minerals.

The name comes from the dermatological procedure of mesolift, a series of micro-injections with a pool of vitamins (A, E, C, D, B, K) that provide amino-acids to allow better protein build, minerals that guarantee the ionic balance of the injection, coenzymes to activate a biochemical reaction, and nucleic acids to restructure the tissue. Those elements all together can revitalize and tighten loose skin in the face and neck area. I saw the results on a relative, and they were amazing. I'm not recommending the procedure, just giving you a little context.

I digress. Back to the cream. It has a nice texture that spreads easily, has a heavenly peachy scent that is pleasant during application (but disappears almost instantly), and simply feels good. The first night after use, I thought my face looked fresh and radiant in the morning - definitely a sign to keep going. Now that I have used it for a full week, I can definitely give it a thumbs up. It will take a place in my bathroom next to my wonderful Lierac Hydro-Chrono. I guess I'll have to alternate weeks. I love them both.

You can purchase Lierac products at CVS Healthy Skincare Stores (the upscale ones that carry French skin care products) and online at One of my fabulous readers said she got hers at Duane Reade in Manhattan. If the cream (not the serum) isn't on the shelf where Lierac products are sold, it will be very soon. Look for it!


Miss Brahms said...

How can I add to this incredible review? Everything CharlestonGirl said was RIGHT ON about this wonderful new addition to the Lierac Paris beauty line. I would venture to say that Creme Mesolift is the nicest and most luxurious radiance creme available mass-market for an incredibly reasonable price! Comparable to pretty much anything available at Sephora or in a department store, Creme Mesolift is a deliciously fragranced, wonderfully textured megadose of antioxidant vitamins for your face.I cannot provide a better description than Charlestongirl - but I will give you sage advice. Should you wish to try this wonderful new radiance creme, simply hop to your nearest CVS Healthy Skin Center and ask the Beauty Advisor for a free sample. In fact, the next CVS company-wide Lierac Day event is being held September 25th! Any CVS with a Healthy Skin Center will be having a Lierac Event with free samples galore. This way, you can score your sample! Thanks, CharlestonGirl!

Charlestongirl said...

Thank YOU, DrugstoreBeautyPro!

You turned me on to this new and wonderful skin creme, and I am anxiously awaiting its appearance on the shelf. You have your first sale!

To all my wonderful readers, the special promo days at CVS, such as the Lierac Day coming up in September, are a great time to check out a French skin care line. They have testers, a trained beauty representative there to help you, and samples galore - better than department stores, which seem to have cut back on samples (have you noticed this?). CVS has good timing!