Thursday, August 27, 2009

YSL FARD LUMIÈRE AQUARÉSISTANT - Water Resistant Cream Eyeshadow

YSL has introduced Fard Lumiere Aquaresistant Water Resistant Cream Eyeshadow ($28.50), and it's prominently featured on YSL's new displays in the department stores. This cream eye shadow is budge-proof!

It's available in four sheer colors, allowing you to control the intensity of color. I purchased #1, Pink Sands, which, to my eye, isn't pink at all. It's golden nude and totally gorgeous worn alone or when used as an eye shadow base. The other three colors are: #2, Amethyst Grey, a silver-blue; #3, Golden Fern, an olive green that is perfect for Fall; and #4, Copper Brown, a dark red-toned bronze-brown. Naturally, I wanted at least three of them, but decided to try #1 first.

The texture is mousse-like - very lightweight. It applies easily with a fingertip or cream shadow brush.

At Saks, I dragged Loyd Cassler from the Armani counter over to see these new shadows, and he was as taken with #1 as I was. It's unique; you won't find another cream shadow in this exact shade. I wear it alone for an understated, but bright, sheer golden-nude look.

Because these shadows are designed to be water resistant, they stay put. Let them dry on your eyelid, and you won't be able to wipe them off with your fingers. My #1 lasts all day on me and is as bright after work as it is when applied. It's a keeper!

You can purchase it from the YSL Web site or at Saks, Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, or whether you buy YSL cosmetics.

Photo courtesy of YSL Cosmetics.

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