Saturday, August 22, 2009

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow - An Old Favorite

Yesterday, I pulled out and wore an old favorite, Revlon's Illuminance Creme Shadow. I selected Not Just Nudes, shown here.

The Revlon cream eye shadows are available in 12 quads. They range from my neutral favorite, Not Just Nudes, to colorful and playful shades. They are available at a drugstore near you!

They blend beautifully. I use my fingers to apply them, but a cream eye shadow brush might work better. It's interesting that the container recommends the fingertip method.

The shadows are fairly sheer, allowing you to control the intensity by layering. I used two of the shades yesterday - the lightest one on my lid, and the darkest one for the outside lid and mid- to outside crease contouring. When I finished, I had a neutral look, but with some punch. I was pretty happy with myself! Not only that, the shadow was just as nice 10 hours later. It lasts and does not crease on me. Naturally, I wear a shadow primer.

What other colors do I like? Khaki Suede has two wearable green colors with two great taupe shades. Skinlights is a set of four light shades that are great alone or mixed with other shadows. Moonlit Jewels, hard to portray well on the Web, is gorgeous. It was quite the sensation when released. I had to search for it!

The prices are all over the place. If you look on Amazon, you will find two for what one might cost in the drugstore ($6.50). has a BOGO offer at the moment. These shadows are an inexpensive way to achieve a great seasonal look or experiment with color without breaking the bank.

Photo courtesy of Amazon.


Miss Brahms said...

I often recommend these excellently priced cream shadows to my drugstore beauty customers. My favorite is Skinlights - which has varying shades of bronze, gold and taupe metallic shimmer - though the Precious Metals is a popular seller as well - it includes a smoky gunmetal shade along with the gold and bronze. I am a big fan of Shiseido Hydro Eye shadows - those that come in the precious little pots and glide on with a silky coolness - but at $26 per pot, you are definitely breaking the bank to get the four shade palette that Revlon offers in this creamy shadow collection. It is a great cosmetic to put in your to-go kit, unlike the Hydro Eye, as you have more colors to select from. In addition, these shades aren't like smudge pots - they are sheer, so you can layer, and you can make easily erasable mistakes when applying. These shadows often go on sale at CVS - either a BOGO or a Buy 1, get 1 50% off offer - and the newspaper coupons often have a $1 off any Revlon cosmetic coupon which you can also apply.

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, "CVS pro"! I believe - am not "dead sure" - that CVS will be having a Revlon BOGO soon. So, all you gals who want to try this nice shadow, make sure you find a BOGO offer! Who wouldn't want two for the price of one?

I like and use the Shiseido cream shadow too. I agree, it's really nice. Compare the prices, though (as you said), and the Revlon will keep you out of trouble.

Like you, I think Skinlights is fabulous. It actually makes a nice shadow base for anyone who can wear cream on her eyelids.

Don't forget those Revlon coupons! They are in all the magazines lately.

Emma said...

I tried one of these years and years ago, and it creased up on me so badly! Probably because I wasn't wearing a primer underneath...not sure. I don't have oily skin, so I was surprised that it creased so quickly. But I'm thinking I should give them another try and see how they hold up on me, layered over my Bare Escentuals shadow primer. You think they wear well over primer?

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Emma, they stay on me with a primer. I use a Stila primer that is a cream that dries "dry as a bone" (and has been discontinued, even though it was fabulous - I did find some on Stila sale and BeautyTicket, so I stocked up). Nothing is going to move over that primer! BUT, I still had trouble with Nars cream shadows creasing. So, I wrote to Nars, and they told me to use a powder shadow under their cream shadows. That seemed strange to me, but it's a bit like using the Bare Escentuals primer, right? Give it a try and let us know. The worst that can happen, if you use a coupon, is that you have to give away $4-5 worth of shadow to a friend.

Emma said...

Well, the Bare Escentuals primer actually isn't a's very similar to Urban Decay's primer potion, except it doesn't feel "tight" on my eyelids like UD primer potion does.

I think I will give them a try! I know they have lots of color choice available now, which is nice!