Thursday, August 6, 2009

Guerlain's New Slavic Beauty Collection

I needed a fix, so I headed over to Saks at lunchtime yesterday. There, on full display, was Guerlain's new Slavic Beauty Collection for Fall 2009. The packaging alone is beautiful, and the colors are so right for the season.

Unfortunately for me, those eye colors with pink in them aren't my favorites. The collection abounds with plum colors for the eyes, so I saved some money. Read on...I found plenty to buy.

The Volga Princess Eye and Lip Palette ($69) shown here is totally gorgeous, as is the Tsarina Eyeshadow Palette ($58). These products are so visually appealing, they should be kept as collector's pieces! Those colors just aren't my best - but they could be just the thing for you.

There is a stunning eye shadow quad in Brun Modore ($58), which has four shades of very wearable browns - from light to dark. If I needed more neutral/brown shadows, I would have come home with that one.

Now we get to the lip products. I bought three. The first, Le Rouge G Jewel Lipstick Compact ($45), in #66, Gracia, is right up my alley. A flattering plumy pink, it's a perfect shade. What I don't like is the mirror container (a relatively new "thing" for Guerlain). The whole lipstick is just too heavy to carry around with me, so I will be limited in where I can use it. I have decided to keep it in my desk at work, where the mirror will actually come in handy. I can't even imagine adding the weight of this lipstick to my already overburdened purse. Suggestion, Guerlain marketing folks: Provide a regular lipstick top to fit over the product for those of us who love the lipstick but don't want the weight. Let us choose.

Anyhow, the new shades in this lipstick are gorgeous, so check them out. I couldn't resist Gracia. I'm not even sure this is a new shade, even though it was on the Fall display. Doesn't matter. I like the color and texture.

There are some fabulous new Kiss Kiss Baby SPF10 Lip Balms ($30). These are pigmented, so they are like a lipstick and nourishing lip balm in one tube. I bought #241, Rosewood Nude, and #220 Red Nude. I could have bought one of each of the six shades - I liked them that much! These aren't the lightest lip balms either, but they won't weigh me down.

As always, I had my favorite makeup artist, Loyd Cassler, "in tow." He approved my choices. There's more in the collection. It's worth a look-see. Very pretty. Saks has these in the stores and online.

Photo courtesy of Saks.

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