Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bobbi Brown - Pretty Powerful Women

A few days ago, I proclaimed this Bobbi Brown Week. She didn't disappoint! You have to check out the Bobbi Brown Web site to watch her new Pretty Powerful video and browse the gallery of Pretty Powerful women whose before and after portraits are fabulous. There's a short video for each of the women featured too. The site is lots of fun!

I started with Bobbi's video, Get Real with Bobbi, and loved it. I want a pink hydrangea file folder just like she has on her cozy, comfy desk. She looks like a friend - not at all like a potentially unapproachable superstar - with her cute T-shirt under her jacket. During the video, Bobbi proclaimed, "I really love makeup." We do too, Bobbi!

Bobbi's introduction to the Pretty Powerful campaign? "This season I was inspired to ask my friends - not models - to be the faces for my new campaign. They're pretty to begin with, but with just a few simple tweaks, they look their absolute, most confident best. That's pretty powerful." I'd say her new campaign is pretty creative. I'm hooked.

Bobbi will be on Today on NBC tomorrow morning at 9:43 am Eastern Time. Make sure to watch if you can. For now, check out her Web site and find out how to look rested in five minutes flat.

Photo courtesy of Bobbi Brown


LilyBiscuit said...

I think she came up with a wonderful idea here! We're not all 19 and perfect like some companies promote women :)
Thanks for the information!
vac924 at gmail dot com

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