Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Collecting Crazy Lady

Some days, I feel like a crazy lady, obsessed with the latest makeup introductions. I go to see them (or satisfy my obsessions with online "raids"), sampling with glee and trying to select items from new collections that I know - or think - I can wear.

Then I look at my makeup in storage and wonder if I've lost my mind. Will I be one of those old ladies who carries around makeup in a handbag too heavy just because she might need it? If I die unexpectedly, will the person who has to clean out my house decide I had early Alzheizmer's? I can hear it now, "I wonder why she thought she needed 200 blushers?"

Collectors have a passion. Think about the collectors who have thousands of postcards, or comic books, or snow globes from every corner of the earth, or books, or Pez dispensers (the origins of eBay). We're all a bit crazy. At least I can use or admire the things I collect (and yes, I said things - there are a few other passions). Anyone else share the affliction?

Wait! I just heard UPS at my door. He brought me a few new blushers! Gotta run!

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Laurie said...

Oh, totally feel the obsession. But you're totally right - at least we can use the products! I mean...not all at once anyway:)

Charlestongirl said...

You made me laugh, Laurie! I have a mental image of wearing it "all" at once.

Lynn said...

Yes! I have that fear too - that someone will open the closet door after I'm gone and gasp at the sight of it all. While the weather has been so crummy, I've been trying to purge - it's so hard to part with anything!

Any suggestions for storage?

(PS - Love the blog!)

Charlestongirl said...

Gosh, Lynn, I'm the worst person on earth to give advice on storage. When I try to get organized, I use those clear plastic storage boxes you can get at Costco or Target. They stack well. I try to put brands together because that's how I remember items.

I've given up on total organization, though. There are so many other fun things to do with spare time!

Thanks for your kind words about BTiB!

Unknown said...

this was one funny article :) i actually admit to temporary obsessions- i usually obsess over something like shoes, dresses, purses, perfumes, makeup, skincare and then move on to other things once i acquire too much. While i still love perfumes, I no longer feel the need to buy every time i read a new review (although, I am tempted when I read some of your articles). I am also really good at giving away stuff once my obsession calmed down- I gave away about half of my perfume collection and sent quite a bit of makeup to my sister. If you have any friends or relatives that don't mind used blushes or shadows, I am sure you will make their day with some items from your collection :)

Charlestongirl said...

I do give things away - should probably do more of it. There are a few friends who have no problem with my barely used cast-offs. :)

But giving away perfume, which lasts forever, really? Oh my...

I just don't have your self-control, Anna! And if I stopped buying, what would I write about?