Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Edward Bess Compact Rouge

I've had a long-standing love affair with cream blush. I'm delighted by its natural look - it's like a second skin. When I can use a cream blush on my lips too, I'm doubly delighted. That's why Edward Bess Compact Rouge ($38) is on my list of favorites!

The simply named Compact Rouge is an incredibly smooth cream that provides a sheer tint for very natural looking color - a "seductive, stained finish." It applies beautifully and blends easily with either a foundation brush or fingertips. The color persists on my cheeks all day - just as it should with a quality product.

It's available in two shades, Island Rose and After Sunset. I bought both months ago, and I'm glad. Island Rose, the pink-rose shade shown at the top in my photos, is perfect for cool-toned skin or anyone who can wear pink and rose shades. After Sunset, perfect for warm-toned gals, also works for me as a light bronzer - or on days when pink is "out of the question." Sometimes, I want a monochromatic natural/nude look, and After Sunset is perfect.

I applied Compact Rouge heavily for these photos. It's actually very sheer. The shades are shown here in different outdoor exposures. You can see that the color has a gleam to it. It's radiant, but not sparkly.

The compacts are rather small. That might be a drawback if you are trying to be frugal and stretch your dollars a long way. When it comes to Edward Bess makeup, you'll be happy if you go for extravagant. Each compact comes in a pretty velvet carrier, and the sleek, black compacts contribute to the sense that using Compact Rouge is a treat.

For more about Edward Bess and his inspired and elegant cosmetics, please pop back to my April 12 introduction. If you are tempted to experience the luxury of Edward Bess, and want to get some help from Bergdorf Goodman, give Susan Babakhanova a call at (212) 872-8826 or Donna Muzio at (212) 872-2777. Either one of these wonderful ladies would be pleased to help you select some goodies. You can also order from Edward Bess online.

Top photo courtesy of Edward Bess

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BooBooNinja said...

CG, what's your preferred brand/formula of cream blush? I've become infatuated with cream blush and will purchase one as soon as my makeup ban is over. I'd appreciate any thoughts you may have. Cheers!