Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stila One Step Makeup PrimeColor

Stila recently introduced One Step Makeup PrimerColor ($22), a single product that Stila says works as a primer, eye shadow, highlighter, lip color, cheek color, and bronzer. The e-mail introducing it had said, "Four products, one amazing price." That's a tall order, but I took the bait.

Here is what prompted me to order it - twice!

One Step PrimeColor is formulated with Stila's Youth Revival Bio-Available Mineral Complex that is said to read and react to your skin zone-by-zone, visibly priming, balancing, correcting, and optimizing for a supremely flawless finish.
  • Exclusive mineral and silicone complex
  • Mineral pigment, primer, problem solving, and mess free!
  • Water-resistant formula perfect for humid weather
  • Adjustable and buildable coverage
  • Shades include matte and shimmer finishes
  • Reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hydrates and balances
  • High definition and long-wearing
  • Paraben-free and fragrance-free
When I read all that, I was mesmerized. Unfortunately, the romance faded - fast. I have a contrarian's view of Stila's new One Step Makeup PrimeColor. I know that it has received the equivalent of a blogger coronation, but I don't understand the hype.

One Step Makeup PrimeColor is available in six shades - from Kitten (nude pink shimmer) to Bronze Babe (clearly bronze). First I ordered Kitten. I'm a Kitten fan like millions of other women. Once it came, I tried to use it as a primer, thinking it would add luminosity to my face. I mixed it with my moisturizer; I used it alone. The effects were underwhelming. Then I used it as an eye shadow. Success! It served nicely as a cream shadow. On my lips, though, it was ghastly. I looked like a throwback to the days when pale, frosty, nude lips were all the rage.

At that point, I thought, "OK, this product has some utility; maybe I should have ordered darker colors." So I threw good money after bad and ordered Rosie Posie and Per Suede, knowing that I would never be able to use them on my eyelids. I was thinking that they would make good lip/cheek colors. They are very nice on my cheeks. I don't like them on my lips - boring. They aren't even plausible primers or illuminators.

As a rule, I love Stila's makeup. I have so many of their products, and I love them all - until now. What's the deal? One Step Makeup PrimeColor is, in my opinion, a single-use, not multi-use, color. If you want a cream blusher, there are some really nice shades. If you want an eye shadow, you are limited unless your skin is very dark. For lips? Stila offers better options.

Still interested? You can purchase Stila's One Step Makeup PrimeColor at Stila's Web site and Sephora.

Photo courtesy of Stila


Kelly said...

I love these as cream blushes- at least the capri coral one. They are not my taste in texture for a lip, but if you like a thin feeling lip, that is would work.

Charlestongirl said...

I agree Kelly, it's a great cream blusher. I just don't get the multi-use hype. Very thin on the lips - that's a good way of describing its lipstick value!

Clarisse said...

I won't be able to give my opinion since Stila isn't found in France any longer (don't ask me why!)but usually it is difficult for a product to be perfect for several uses (my experience:-)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Clarisse,

Agreed! Had One Step Makeup PrimeColor been marketed as a cream blusher, I would have been perfectly happy. They could have advertised Kitten as a shadow - maybe even a highlighter. I shouldn't have been so enthusiastic about the multi-use claim!