Monday, June 14, 2010

Trish McEvoy 24-Hour Eye Shadow & Liner from the Capri Collection

Trish McEvoy's newest Capri Collection has three shades in a beautiful eye "pen," 24-Hour Eye Shadow & Liner ($32), billed as a shadow and a liner. I first saw them at Neiman Marcus, and I played with all three shimmering shades: Topaz (a beautiful luminous taupe-toned copper), Crystal Grey (a light blue-toned grey), and Aquamarine (an amazing shade of a deep aqua). I selected Topaz, shown at right. I applied it to my arm heavily for the photo.

What impressed me the most - after the pretty colors, of course - was how quickly the shadow sets, drying to a non-creasing, extremely long-wearing, and even finish. This shadow isn't going anywhere once it sets, which is probably why it's named "24-Hour." After it dries, you can wipe across it vigorously with a tissue, and it doesn't budge. The sales associate told me that you have to remove it with an eye makeup remover that has some oil in it. She wasn't kidding! Cleanser and water don't touch it. I have used Bobbi Brown's Instant Long-Wear Makeup Remover to get it off my eyelids. How perfect for this time of year when so many women have a hard time keeping shadow in place all day!

I love the convenience of this shadow and definer in its easy-to-use, elegant twist pen. I can wear it on my lid from lashes up to the crease, and it looks stunning. I prefer a slimmer line for my eyeliner, so I doubt I will use this cream as a liner, but I love it as an eye shadow. I haven't tried applying it with a thin liner brush yet - may do that next.

To use it, according to the company, glide 24-Hour along the lash line and smudge or blend with Trish's Laydown or Precision Smudge Brush (or your own brush or finger), depending on your desired effect. Just do it quickly. Wear it along the lash line, over the eyelid (my preference), or blend it into the crease of the eye.

There are more great items in the Capri Collection! There are two extremely pretty highlighters. Highlights All Over Face Color ($35 without the compact) comes in two shades: London (light pink) and Capri (light bronze). I would have purchased one of these if I hadn't purchased similar Clarins cream highlighters earlier this season.

You can purchase the Capri Collection at the Trish McEvoy Web site (where there is free shipping on any $50 order) and at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Saks. Until midnight June 14, Neiman Marcus is offering free shipping, no matter how small your purchase, with code NMSHOP.

Product photos courtesy of Neiman Marcus

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