Saturday, June 19, 2010

Estee Lauder Pure Color Night by Tom Pecheux

On May 21, Kari published a must-read piece on the Pure Color Night Collection by Tom Pecheux for Estee Lauder. To see photos of the look and the three products, please pop over to Kari's place at Fab over Forty.

The finely edited and stunning collection consists of a Pure Color Ombre Effect Eye Shadow ($20) in Naughty Black, a trio of matte and shimmery black/brown shades; Pure Color Lip Gelée ($20) in Kiss Me, a rosy nude; and Pure Color Luminous Powder ($40) in Highlight, the creamiest powder illuminator I own. Highlight is so creamy (for a powder) it's surprising. The formulation is fabulous.

Kari told us that this limited-edition collection would be available only at Bergdorf Goodman, so I called to order mine. I waited a few days, but I didn't dilly dally. I spoke with Donna Muzio, who was a doll. She convinced me that I should order the eye shadow, even though it looked as if it would be way too dark for me to wear. Donna, if you are reading this, thank you!

Although I haven't confirmed it, rumor has it that the collection has sold out. The first day Bergdorf's could mail out the pieces was last Monday. I've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my goodies, and they came today. They are gorgeous!

Here are a few "arm shots" taken in different outdoor light intensities. I applied all of the products with the applicators included. You can see the highlighter at the top. I can't stress enough how pretty it is. I'm already gushing. I will probably wear this one down to the bottom of the pan. The lip gloss is stunning. I'm sure you read rosy nude and thought, "Yeah, there are thousands of them." None of my several hundred are quite like this one!

The three dark shadows (stripes in one pan) are all slightly different, I think my favorites are the two lightest ones shown on top, but all three will be useful accent colors or liners for me. I smudged them on heavily for these photos. Applied lightly, they are perfect smokey eye shades.

Thanks to Kari, Donna, Tom Pecheux, and Estee Lauder, I'm a happy gal today! Donna wrote me the sweetest note too. She's a contact I'm keeping!

Update 6/20: You can see Kari modeling her new pieces (she got them yesterday too) at Fab over Forty!


Clarisse said...

Hi! I understand and share your enthusiasm...funny to read that Tom Pecheux wanted to create the iconic French make-ip look, whereas here in France we want to get the perfect American look!!!:-)
Anyway I hope this line will find its way to us: I love the highlighter too (looks gorgeous) and the rosy nude gloss and I would not mind trying the eye-shadows too...

Charlestongirl said...


That is "too funny." Why would French women, the ultimate in chic, want to look like Americans? Granted, there are some stunners here, but...

Yesterday, I read in the NY Times that more than half of Americans are overweight or obese. That is so unhealthy. I can only imagine how much more painful my knees would be if I were to gain 10 pounds. After removing those with medical conditions (like thyroid malfunctions) that make it enormously hard to lose weight, what we have are women who don't care as much about their appearance as your lovely French ladies, who seem to have an ability to eat fabulous food (bread, wine, olive oil, etc.) without gaining weight! I need to read that book about French women that came out about a year ago.

If you are ever lusting after something you can't get here, let me know. I am the ultimate shopper, so I can pick up and mail things to you. Sadly, I doubt there's a piece from Pure Night left to be bought - except on eBay.

Pecheux just updated Estee Lauder's Pure Color collections. Surely you will get those in France!

Clarisse said...

You know it must have to do with images, films etc...and elsewhere the grass is greener..!Here we have the impression that the Americans are immaculately made up, very pro etc..In France, you have obese women too and measures are being taken to prevent children from eating too much starch and too much sugar...And I assure you I gain weight when I eat fabulous food (like to-day, Father's day):-)))
But it is true, we have a tradition of cooking and of loving to eat fresh food which helps a lot.
Thank you very much for your kind offer and I'll let you know if I'm dying for something I can't find here. (I think the Tom Pecheux collection will appear in September).
The same with you of course: don't hesitate if there is something French you would like to get(I'll be in Paris on June 30 and I'll ask about the Jo Malone fragrance you liked)

Laurie said...

Kicking myself for missing out on these! This is beautiful makeup. I am so excited for what's to come from Estee - think Tom Pecheux is going to be recharge the brand in an exciting way:)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Laurie,

You have to be fast these days! When some companies say "limited edition," they really mean it! Look at Marine Life. :)

I had a feeling these would sell out. The response to Kari's blog post was phenomenal.