Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lisa Hoffman Spa Shower - Perfect for Summer

This is the time of year when a shower feels better to me than a bath. I love my relaxing soaks, but hot and humid weather makes a shower refreshing. Lisa Hoffman turns a refreshing shower into a treat with her Spa Shower products!

Each product in the Spa Shower line is available in a full size, or you can purchase the Spa Shower Packette ($9.95) that features all five products in airtight ampules that are perfect for travel any time of year. You can also try the packette if you want an introduction to the Spa Shower (these cool, travel-sized packettes are also available in Lisa Hoffman's Spa Bath).

Here's an introduction to each Spa Shower product.

The Spa Shower Cleansing Gel ($27.50) gently washes away excess oils, impurities, and dirt (yes, some of us work in the garden and get dirty) for a soft, clean finish. Like all Lisa Hoffman products, it's created using natural ingredients that are harvested from the rain forests in a sustainable manner. These ingredients nourish and protect the skin for a softer, smoother, and more radiant finish. The Cleansing Gel also hydrates the skin for increased suppleness and vitality. It has an earthy, fresh fragrance. It's scented with Lisa's Japanese Agarwood (more on that below). The Cleansing Gel is a perfect spa experience.

The next step in the regimen is Spa Shower Body Scrub ($40). During the summer, most of us bare a little more body, and we want our skin to look its best. The Body Scrub
is a lightly exfoliating, cell-renewing scrub that deep cleans skin and removes excess dry skin flakes using natural exfoliants. This is a scrub that feels good. There's no suffering for beauty required!

First thing when you step out of the shower and your skin is moist, use the Spa Shower Body Oil ($36.50),
a featherweight, non-greasy, and quickly absorbing body oil that's perfect for sealing in moisture after a shower. Sesame seed oil, Brazil nut seed oil, rice bran oil, acai pulp oil, and a "slew" of other botanical ingredients nourish and protect the skin against environmental and free radical damage. The Body Oil will leave your skin soft, healthy, and radiant with its slight sheen. I adore body oils, and this one is at the top of my list.

Don't want to use a body oil? Lisa Hoffman has a Spa Shower Body Lotion ($47) for you. With the same fabulous moisturizing effects as the oil, Body Lotion counts shea butter, grape seed oil, and acai pulp oil among its ingredients. Use it after your scrub, and your skin will be primed to accept its hydrating relief.

Each of these first four products comes in a pump container, which I really appreciate in or near the shower. No fumbling to unscrew a cap! Why don't all companies think about these details? A pump container can make the difference between a great product and a great product I will purchase again. Given the choice, I'll always go for a pump.

The ultimate finish to the pampering? Spa Shower Hand & Foot Cream ($35.50). This rich cream, loaded with shea butter, will leave your feet looking sandal-ready and feeling fabulous.
The self-massage of my feet with Hand & Foot Cream make my feet feel loved.

The five Spa Shower products are scented with Lisa Hoffman's unique Japanese Agarwood. Lisa describes it as an earthy and fresh fragrance with notes of bergamot, spiced ginger accord, and warm amber. I'm not a "spice girl." I will admit that when I read the description and before I tried the products, I was a bit wary of the term "spiced" and the amber. Even this floral lover was impressed. Lisa's Japanese Agarwood is a nice, warm, and comfortable scent. During the Fragrance of the Year Awards in 2009, this fragrance was selected as one of the "Top Five Fragrances." Other nominees included some of the best names in beauty: Chanel, Tom Ford, and Karl Lagerfeld. Clearly, the fragrance appeals to a lot of sophisticated noses!

Just two more things...A portion of Lisa Hoffman's sales are donated to The Rainforest Foundation (our environment needs all the help it can get right now). Additionally, Lisa Hoffman Beauty donated over a million dollars worth of products to members of the military and their families. The company shipped 5,850 pieces of product kits to a local church in Honolulu, where the kits were assembled by folks from The Freedom Alliance to deliver to the USS Kidd, which docked in Honolulu for a quick stop on its way home to San Diego. Since it's Navy tradition for the sailors to return with some sort of gift in hand after a long deployment, the Lisa Hoffman kits were distributed to all 650 sailors to give to their wives, girlfriends, mothers, or friends as they disembarked the ship. In addition, Lisa Hoffman Beauty has extended a 50% discount to all military and military families to be able to purchase any Lisa Hoffman products online. I like that, and I want to extend a personal thanks to Lisa for her generosity!

Lisa's company sent me a packette set to hook me on Spa Shower. They were very successful! You can find Lisa Hoffman's Spa Collection at Lisa Hoffman's Web site and other online sources. Just Google Lisa Hoffman! You'll be happy you did.

Photo courtesy of Lisa Hoffman

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