Saturday, June 26, 2010

Revlon Fantasy Lengths Maximum Wear Lashes

Want to try faux lashes without breaking the bank or maxing out the credit card? Revlon's Fantasy Lashes may be right up your alley.

There are times when we want or need lush lashes, and our own won't cooperate. Although lashes are always shedding and regrowing, they don't usually do it in clumps. Every now and then, though, you'll see what looks like a little bald spot and feel lopsided after you apply mascara. Who couldn't use a little help for a big day (or night) when that happens? There are other times when we want to look like celebrities (don't believe for a second that they aren't wearing faux lashes in those mascara advertisements), but can't make a huge investment. Revlon to the rescue!

Revlon had sent me two sets of Fantasy Lengths to test. I eyed them lovingly for a week or so, but realized that I might not be able to give Revlon a fair shake. This is the part where I admit that I'm a total klutz, and I was sure I would mess them up on application. I'm not good at reading directions. I usually forge ahead with "things" (new computer programs are a great example), only looking for help when I get stuck. I could see myself ruining the generous gift. Fortunately, a few of my work colleagues are expert lash wearers. Having seen their lush lashes in the past, I asked for help. Jamika was game, so I had a tester Revlon could count on.

There were two sets: one Fantasy Lengths Maximum Wear Glue-on Eyelashes and one Fantasy Lengths Maximum Wear Self-Adhesive Lashes. They range in price from $5.49 to $5.99 per pair. Each type comes in different "intensities," from flirty to full. Each package comes with directions and extra adhesive strips or "glue."

Jamika enlisted her daughter for the test. You can see how lush the lashes looked in these before and after photos Jamika provided (obviously in different lighting). Crystal (Jamika's daughter) wore the self-adhesive lashes and applied some liner over them. She went from cute to glam! The proof is in the photos.

Jamika tested the glue-on lashes. Here are her before and after photos. The result was a glamorous look you could wear day or night.

What did my testers think? They were impressed by the way they looked! So am I after checking out their photos! The lashes stayed on for about 24 hours. The first ones to stray were the self-stick lashes, but Crystal slept on them not long after she applied them. Both gals reported that the lashes felt fine - they experienced no heaviness on their eyelids. Crystal and Jamika felt they were easy to apply, although experienced Jamika advises that you should have tweezers on hand. She says it's easier to apply them with tweezers than your fingers. She also said that the adhesive for the glue-ons looks like Elmer's Glue on your hand, but dries clear and becomes invisible when the lashes are applied.

Revlon's Fantasy Lengths passed the tests - with flying colors! For a great price, you can have dramatic lashes - and love the way they look. You can find Fantasy Lengths now at Walgreens,, and other mass market stores. Next time you're in the mood for a little glamour, give them a try!

Top photo courtesy of Revlon
Before and after photos courtesy of Jamika


Unknown said...

pretty! but i am very clumsy and could never pull off the fake lashes. i tried some by Revlon but i could adhere them properly to my eyelids

Charlestongirl said...

That's too bad. I'm going to have to try them next time I get a "bald spot." The price is right!

alicia said...

I love maximumlash, everybody in my family uses it, so I don't doubt it's effective, I suggest you try it.